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Ageless Beauty

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Are you an ‘Ageless Beauty’ or are you still bogged down with petty concerns which pull your self confidence down? Want to know what to do to ‘up’ your ‘Ageless Beauty’ score no matter what your age?

Ageless Beauty comes when you do things you love. It comes when you are authentic and when you value who you are and what you you do. Ageless Beauty comes when you let go of stress and move your energy! It comes when you are alive and free.

Look & Feel Younger

It is not the creams you put on your face nor the supplements you take which allow you to look and feel younger. It is You who make it possible or improbable. What stops you is what you do to yourself by playing small, by not honoring your feelings, playing victim, and especially by thinking there is something wrong with you.

You are the problem… and You are the solution. But there is nothing wrong with with you if you just stop making yourself into a problem. And no, this does not mean blaming someone else.

Ok . I sometimes say I come by my more challenging traits by referring to them as having inherited them honestly through my parents. Of course, they are mine now. Taking responsibility for ones participation in whatever really is the problem is the first step to your solution.

Ageless Beauty is Healthy Beauty

Your mental, emotional and physical health is reflected in how you look and treat yourself. Choose natural beauty products and use supplements appropriately. And remember first love is Self-Love.

A nose job would have distracted from Barbra Striesand’s beauty! Plastic faces, just don’t make it! And by the way, less is more when it comes to ‘make up’ as you biologically age.

And what is wrong with the wisdom being older gives you? Nothing, I wish I had a bit more when I was younger. My inner wisdom is tapping on my shoulder and says the more mistakes you make the more you learn, so I have no regrets for all wonderful deepening, and enriching experiences.

But You Know All this…I hope

But you know all this I hope. What you may not know is your inner beauty is reflective of your spiritual being. Are you nurturing your spirit? And what does this mean to you? I know you think you know…we all do until we don’t.

Enlightened Healer

You are enlightened but likely unaware of the unfoldment of your consciousness. You probably think it is the amount information you have or what your mind is telling you. It is issness, awareness of awareness, pure consciousness. No, you are not an observer. You simply are.

Impossible to put into words. It is only available with direct experience. Ha Ha, I am marketing the invisible but if you would like to glow with inner light and age gracefully I will teach you energetic skills for yourself and others. In the process you will most certainly lighten up! And you will glow with inner beauty and become the ageless beauty you truly are.

Kyra as a transformational Butterfly
Kyra as a transformational Butterfly

Mystery Mastery

I have mastered ‘Ageless Beauty.’ Actually, I cannot even say ‘I’ mastered it…it mastered me. I glow. Many times a month I am told how beautiful I am. Guess what, I am not 20 or 30, or….

Ageless Beauty is when we connect to THAT! And stay connected no matter what.  Join me for what really matters become an Enlightened Healer and/or Travel with me. Your life and aliveness depend on it. Unfold the mystery of Mastery and become Ageless Beauty.

Increase Your Aliveness

Rebalance & heal Your body being & heart with an On-Line Session in the comfort of your own home or in person. Deeply relax and increase your aliveness/wellbeing.

Sending Light & Love, Kyra

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