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The Mystery of Life

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The key questions in any mystery are who/what/where/and how. You are the person who can answer these questions in your life. You may not know all the answers consciously but with some easy to do activities which relax you, the answers will probably pop up and surprise you.

How to Relax

How can you relax? Simple, just be present in the now. Let go of unnecessary tension in your body. No-thinking just be in awareness, please. The Buddhists say:’ life is suffering but you do not have to suffer unnecessarily.’ Overthinking will bring suffering. Micro-management will bring suffering. Are you still suffering or have you let go for just a moment? Yeah!

Rest into the awareness of your heart. Breathe into your heart space.

What is happening here? Notice any colors or images which come to you. If the colors or feelings are dark or muddy then you can start your questions.

Whose feelings are these? Are they mine or someone else?

Where and when did this happen?

How can I transform these sensations, colors or feelings?

If you have trouble, you know where I am. Just book your session On-Line or in person.

The Mystery of Life

You are living the mystery of life and life is living you. It can be confusing and elating, stimulating or boring. It is all up to you what and how you want to be with it.

Sending Love & Light, Kyra…your Magical Healer

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