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Are You Stressed?

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Isn’t everyone stressed these days with one thing and another?  Yes, this is true but when the stress becomes intolerable, too painful to bear, it is time to get support. My father once said if you’re totally without stress or tension in your body ‘You are dead.’ So, a little stress can be a good thing but too much is too much!

Stress is the number one killer in the world barre any wars or terrorist attacks. Chinese Medicine says stagnant Chi (stress) is the source of all illness. Are you healthy? Are you on medication? What is your story and do you want to make it better?

Start right now to alleviate your stress by slowly breathing into your lower abdomen. This will down regulate your Vagus nerve, nurture your micro-biomes of your gut and sync your breath with your parasympathetic, rest and digest system. If this is not enough to banish your stress…

Body Being & Heart sessions and courses in-person and on-line are wonderful for letting go of stress especially for women who are in transition and challenging life situation who are having physical symptoms. If your stress is giving you heart palpitations, sleepless nights, aches and pains, anxiety you feel in your body, Body Being & Heart can help you!

Wise Women Stress Mastery Videos 

Body Being & Heart Therapies are gentle and deeply relaxing whether you are having sessions on-line or in-person. They alleviate your pain and stress. These sessions give you an understanding of what is happening and how you can assist yourself even as the session handles energetic and physical problems.

What Kind of Stress?

What kind of stress do you have? Do you have a hamster or monkey mind? These refer to anxious or intrusive thoughts which do not allow you to rest and function.  You lose when you cannot enjoy the beauty and awareness of life’s bounty. You are stuck in overdrive.

If you are disassociating from your body or can’t get out of bed or go to school or work, you are stuck. You need support to get back in harmony with your body. You probably also need to feel your feelings. Get help before you need to be on anxiety pills for the rest of your life.

Pain and excessive tension in your body is another sign that stress is killing you. Don’t die.

 Get support.

Not sleeping is a big problem. Solve it by getting support before you have to live your lifetime on sleeping pills. Pills are a quick fix. And good in emergencies or crisis. But eventually they don’t work.

Deal with your issues before they get this far. Your choice of course.

Video from my Treasure Trove

Years ago, a friend unexpectantly dropped by and made this short video. Oi vey, my hair wasn’t washed but everything I say is still true. Probably even more so because I keep learning more refined skills. Here’s my solution to stress just follow this link.

Don’t wait too long. Stress kills.

I am always reminded of the very successful brother of a long-time client who came to me. He told me he couldn’t sleep and that he drank ten cans of Coca-Cola a day…it went on from there. I said STOP. I never saw him again but some parts of my message did get through. He turned his life around and became a Buddhist. But it was too late. He died two years later.

Trust me, it is truly hard to help someone who has been on anxiety pills for over twenty years. It can be done but your brain chemistry has changed. So, take care of your stress Now!

Come Relax…take a series of sessions, trust the process. You will feel better. Body Being & Heart sessions are on-line and in person. Third party insurance receipts are available.

Sending Light & Love

Kyra…your magical healer par excellence!


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