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Meditation, Something You Already Do

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Have you tried meditation and think you can’t do ‘it.’ You are wrong. In fact, you are already doing it. If you are conscious, you are meditating. Now on what in the world are you meditating? This is the question.

Essentially meditation is being aware of something or ‘no-thing.’ Most of you are meditating on something, your work, your family, your health, your love life to name a few. And you have goals. The targets or results are part and parcel of your meditation.

If you view these parts of your life with concern rather than as an opportunity to unfold, discover or manifest, you may keep getting the same old results.

Back to Meditating

Alright, perhaps you thought or had been told that stopping your thoughts was meditation. Well, you were wrong. You are not your thoughts just in case you thought you were. Rather you are the awareness of your thoughts. So, no need to stop them. Though being present to them with awareness allows them to slow down.

You are the awareness of awareness. Easy to say…You are That! But what does this mean? When you place or rest into the awareness of awareness, you are meditating on the ‘No-Thing.’ But truly this is a bit hard to sustain. You may want to begin by simply being aware of your sense of presence or spaciousness or even focus on something beautiful.

Discover More

If you would like to discover more about meditation, come book a session for a personalized experience exploring how you can have a relaxed mind. A relaxed mind is a happy mind.  Together we will optimize on what you are already focusing. You can book a distant healing session or a consult in person.

Easy Meditation

You can enjoy my guided meditations which take you into a deeply relaxed state and even balance your chakras. The Crystal Meditations are for you if you want to deepen your personal journey on your own with just a little support from me.

Time to Time

From time to time, I give Country and Meditation Retreats as well as Spiritual Travel Retreats. Take a look here. Now is the only time there is so start your journey now. And here is a little gift for y0u! Five Steps to Enlightenment.

Sending Love & Light,

Kyra, your magical and enlighten guru!

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