Spiritual Retreats

On-line & In-Person

Country Retreats

Embodied Presence

Experience your Body Centered Path to Enlightenment. Explore through somatic alchemy, dance meditation, energy, insight & Divine play!

Country Retreats offer you the opportunity to join in your body centered path to Spirit! Your body is a map of consciousness. Explore the Wisdom of your soma, aka body. Move! Dance! Meditate! Experience healing energy work. Enjoy gourmet meals, the lake, country walks and sauna!

The Country Retreats support an effortless opening to your own Self in a safe and caring environment. And they are Fun! This year will feature Yoga & Somatic Alchemy with Kyra & Guil

On-line Retreat

Meet Your Buddha Live on Zoom. These two-hour Alchemy of Healing Retreats are a time to nurture You! Coming Again in September!

Travel Retreats

Alice Wonderbar's Spiritual Retreat

January 10-30, 2024

Voyage of a lifetime to South India and your own deepest Self. If you have read ‘Adventures of Alice Wonderbar,’ romantic, spiritual fantasy, you will have gotten a taste of where this journey to India will take you. Just like Alice you will experience your spirituality and the path of nondualism. Alice is, of course, Kyra’s avatar!

The retreat will include group sessions with Kyra and visits to Sacred Sites of South India including Pondicherry, Arunachala, the sacred mountain of the fire Shiva in Tiruvannamalai, possibly Tanjore as well as visiting communities like Auroville and its very new age temple Matrimandir with the largest man-made crystal in the world.

Experience embodied Meditation and Satsang with ‘Antara’ Kyra as well as other spiritual teachers from around the world who gather in Tiruvannamalai in January.