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Spiritual Retreat

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Are you spiritual? Do you nurture your inner essence? You need not be religious to be spiritual. Simply open to awareness of awareness. Just Be!

Country Retreats

One way to nurture your inner being is to take time out from the everyday and come to a spiritual retreat. Here’s the link to the  Body Being & Heart Country Retreat. This year there is a special guest teacher Guillermo Genovez, a Yoga Teacher and co-owner of Asha Studio in Laval. He is also ‘Ambassadeur lululemon’. He will be sharing his yogi wisdom. Guil is a student of the Body Being & Heart approach to wellness as he expands his skills into bodywork.

His yoga sessions at the retreat will be geared to those who are there…and if yoga is not your thing, Kyra is happy to provide alternatives. As usual she will be sharing Somatic Alchemy and meditation.

What Happens

Here’s what a Body Being & Heart graduate shared about the Country Retreats.

“What happens at these retreats is that I get to experience our magical connectedness to the universe and the bliss of pure love – quite amazing for a two-day retreat with sessions of meditation, talk, dance and various simple exercises. As a process, I have the opportunity there to connect to my various possible selves, identify and (start to) heal deep-lying traumas, scars and issues.

“This also means facing my dark sides and blind spots in a secure, loving and non-judgmental environment. Magically, and refreshingly different to purely talk-based therapy, I not only gain intellectual insight but also have every cell of my body experience and memorize these insights, starting a holistic physical, emotional and spiritual healing process which is the path to enlightenment; the realization that I am choosing my destiny as much as my destiny choses me and that there is nothing to fear, nothing to worry about on the truly profound level. Kyra’s presence and experience enable this to happen. You have to experience it in order to believe this is possible. What a treat to heart, body and soul. Love, Nikolaus.”

Spiritual Retreat


Another Body Being & Heart graduate put together this Retreat Video. Enjoy! Just click on the Image Below!

Country Retreat 2015 the end

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Travel of a Lifetime

Yes, there is a Spiritual Travel Retreat to the heart of India. Profound experiences and awakenings happen on this journey.

It truly is a voyage of a lifetime to South India and your own deepest Self. If you have read Kyra Lober’s novel ‘Adventures of Alice Wonderbar,’ romantic, spiritual fantasy, you will have gotten a taste of where this journey to India will take you. Just like Alice you will experience your spirituality and the path of nondualism. Alice is, of course, Kyra’s avatar!

The retreat will include group sessions with Kyra and visits to Sacred Sites of South India including Pondicherry, Arunachala, the sacred mountain of the fire Shiva in Tiruvannamalai, possibly Tanjore as well as visiting communities like Auroville, and its very new age temple Matrimandir with the largest man-made crystal in the world.

Experience embodied Meditation and Satsang with ‘Antara’ Kyra as well as other spiritual teachers from around the world who gather in Tiruvannamalai in January.

“I have traveled the world on my spiritual path and love to share ‘nondualism’ which goes beyond religion to your essential core.”

Spiritual Retreat to India you will never forget! Your Itinerary.

Body Being & Heart Country Retreat.

Sending Light & Love,

Kyra, your magical healer & spiritual guide!

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