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Wonder Woman

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Are you a Wonder Woman? Able to leap over impossible situations in a single jump? Or are you like most of us, shocked, cautious and concerned when the worst seems to happen? Time to take a breath and as my mother would say have a cup of tea.

The truth is life is filled with little ups and downs and adversity as well as opportunities. If you remember to breathe deep into your belly, you will de-stress and be able to have a wider perspective.

The Question

The question is what situation are you in and how is it affecting your body, being and heart? The truth is you are always in transition and there are always stressors whether you are transitioning from teenager to adult, 20–30-year-olds, 30-40’s and older.

The next question is what do you want? And what do you want to leave behind? Sometimes it is not about what you want but accepting things as they are and making the best of it. All of this is a part of life. It may leave you feeling vulnerable. Just remember you are also Wonder Woman.

Maybe the point is you get to be all of who you are, vulnerable, loving and strong. You do not need to choose; you can just allow.

The Answer

If you need extra support, just come for a session On-Line or In-Person. I work with women who are in transition who have physical symptoms. So, whether you can’t decide to leave a job but are suffering physical pains, or your lover has left you or you are trying to find a new career, or you are pregnant and having back pain, or, or, or.

I share with you the wisdom of a life-time plus ancient healing and current approaches. Body Being & Heart is there to help you recover and transition to being your best self! So, you can do and be all that you truly are! There are Country Retreats and even a travel retreat to the heart of India. Also, there is lots to discover and learn.

Here’s my Wonder Woman picture from my dancing days!


Sending Love & Light,

Kyra, your magical healer



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