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Dedicated to the Embodiment of Spirit

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Body Being & Heart Trainings & Courses

Training Programs and courses are a unique blending of the structural, emotional and energetic. It is an opportunity to joyfully fulfill your highest potential!

Vibrational Healing Angel

You are Spirit embodied in flesh

  • Your body is made of the stuff of stars.
  • You are a radiant energy, become a star in your life.
  • You are a human being… moving… dancing through life…
  • You can even dance when you are standing still… lying down or in the bath.
  • You are… in the silence of your chaos… always dancing Light.

Body Being & Heart Professional Program

Accredited Personal & Professional Training

Become a Master Healer!

Explore energy, embodied anatomy, inner journey, meditation, movement and the intuitive arts. Program courses include Embodied Anatomy, Somatic Alchemy, Meditation and Movement, CranioSacral Therapy, Vibrational Acupuncture, Reiki Training, Spiritual Healing and personal development. 


Completion of the program certifies you to write Third-Party-Insurance Receipts. 

The Body Being & Heart Professional Program is Accredited by the  Regroupment des Massotherapérapeutes du Québec.

Reiki, the Usui Method of Natural Healing

In-person and On-Line

Reiki I

Discover Reiki, the basics of hands-on energy healing. A needed life skill in challenging times.  Reiki, Natural Healing is an opportunity to increase your intuitive and healing abilities to help  yourself and others.

Reiki is a spiritually guided energy vibration. Rei means the Universal life force. Ki is your personal energy.

The two day course includes: 4 attunements; hands-on practice of treatment protocols for yourself and others; and the exploration of Usui Reiki Principles for Well-Being. You will receive the Body Being & Heart Reiki Manual and a Certificate of Attendance on completion of Reiki I. Everyone is Invited!


Reiki II

Deepen your connection to Universal Life force energy. Discover Usui’s traditional symbols for Long Distance Healing, Mental Healing and Empowerment! Learn the symbols; increase the power. Certificate at end of course. Prerequisite is Reiki I.

Reiki I and II can be done privately, one on one in half the time.

Chakra Balancing

In person and On-Line

Body Being & Heart Chakra Balancing Course is for those of you who want to open of your inner vision. This is a hands-on and off the body course. Reiki I is a prerequisite. Discover this ancient art blended with Western therapeutic modalities for healing yourself and others.

'Adventures of Alice Wonderbar'

kyra Lober

Kyra's new book is a course in itself. The new novel is a romantic, spiritual fantasy and is also a discovery journey about healing and spirit. She is even writing another Alice adventure: Tantra Queen

Wise Women Stress Mastery

for Working Women

Six weeks of De-Stress videos with Kyra to play at your convenience. Guided activities so You can lead a Stress Free Life

You can also join in the Free Facebook Group: De-Stress & Evolve!

Healing On-Line

‘The Enlightened Healers’ On-Line Special discount on the First Course!