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Nurture yourSelf and Discover skills for personal and professional development! ON-LINE & In Person

*Note: All in-person courses are small groups. Online Live Courses and Retreats are designed so everyone gets personal attention!

Reiki I

Discover the basics of Reiki energy healing for yourself and others with the Usui Method of Natural Healing. In-Person or On-Line. You can have a private, one on one initiation or join the next group,

This is a must have healing tool to support your well-being. Reiki I is a two day, 10 am-5 pm experience. It includes four initiations, practice sessions where you receive or give Reiki and discussions on practical Reiki Principles for everyday use! You will receive a Certificate of Attendance on completion. Privately, the course is 1/2 the time! 

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Journey to the Heart of India

'Antara' Kyra Lober

January 2025

India retreats


Reiki II

Deepen your connection to Universal Life force energy. Discover Usui’s traditional symbols for Long Distance Healing, Mental Healing and Empowerment! Learn the symbols; increase the power. Certificate at end of course. Completion of Reiki I required. Take control of Your well-being and those You Love!

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Chakra Balancing

Develop your intuition; deepen your meditations and your capacity to heal yourself and others as you open your inner vision and learn to ‘see’ with your hands.

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Wise Women Stress Mastery

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Wise Women Stress Mastery Videos Only is for you if you would like to discover. at your own pace, new ways to alleviate and even eliminate stress by changing your perspective and easy to do activities in your daily life. Become a Wise Women!

See my post on ‘Women in Transition’ on how Wise Women Stress Master might help You!

Discover the Wise Women Stress Mastery videos!

‘Enlightened Healer’

On-Line Course will be coordinated with the Body Being & Heart Professional Program and Teleportation Health

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Discover a journey of healing for Yourself and others as you  evolve Your consciousness! 

Body Being & Heart School for Transformational Arts

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Discover the Master Healer in You. Explore energy, embodied anatomy, inner journey, meditation, movement and the intuitive arts. Start the process, take Body Being & Heart Reiki and continue to master CranioSacral Therapy and Vibrational Acupuncture.
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One weekend a month + two practice evenings!

Completion of the program certifies you to write third party Insurance Receipts. Body Being & Heart is an accredited Professional Program.