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Joining the Enlightened Healers Course

I will be joining ‘Antara’ Kyra to access:


  • labelMy Personal Transformation for Healing Body Being & Heart
  • labelAntara Kyra’s 4 week On-Line training is for discovering skills in Energy Healing for Personal and Spiritual Unfoldment.
  • labelI understand that the Enlightened Healers Program is based on Antara Kyra’s Body Being & Heart Professional Training she has taught for nearly 30 years and adapted to the New On-Line World.
  • labelThis proven approach will support me in shifting my perspective and help me access my inner core of wisdom.
  • labelEach week I will receive an Enlightened Healer’s Video with an easy to do assignment.
  • labelThe Enlightened Healers’ Videos are to be used at my convenience and are mine forever. I can return again and again to these pivotal lessons that help me discover who I truely am and develope healing skills for myself…and others.
  • label Included in this program is a Weekly On-Line Zoom Meeting to discuss and deepen my experience with the week’s lesson video. If I cannot attend a replay will be sent to me.
  • label I am welcome to join the Enlightened Healers’ Facebook Group. This is an opportunity to dialogue with my fellow Healers, ask questions and comment as we all unfold this dynamic New course!
  • label I will receive a 20-30 min. on-line session with Antara Kyra towards the middle or end of this very first Enlightened Healers course.
  • labelI will also have the opportunity to continue in the Enlightened Healers Program. The complete Enlightened Healers program offers certification as a Body Being & Heart Enlightened Healer!
  • labelPlus I will, before completion of the Full Enlightened Healers program, receive information on marketing my services On-Line.
  • labelFinally, I realize, in entering into this program, I am opening to a new chapter of my own life to unfold my intuitive abilities and healing Skills. The world is changing and so am I… 


Yes! I’m ready to invest in Myself in a proven approach that provides a step-by-step guide to Unfolding my intuitive abilities and developing my Healing Skills!


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Healing Starts Here!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Once the course starts
I have a 30-day money back guarantee which means I can get access to the online training, attend personal coaching calls, ask my questions from the support group attend the Live Event plus, plus, plus.

And if I believe that I’m not getting the value that I expected, upon request within 30 days of this order I will get my money back.

Rave Reviews From My Clients

Kyra here…I am taking snippets from my website testimonials. Go to bodybeingheart/testimonials/ for many more….

Sharon Chawla

Hi dear Kyra,
Thank you, thank you!  Whatever you did to me yesterday has really worked.  Have calmed down and feeling very good.  Am telling myself to skip it and keep calm – and it works!  You are amazing.


Keisha Washington

  You are a gifted healer and a warm,wonderful calming being.
  Have a beautiful day and keep emitting your amazing light.

  Keisha Washington


Liette Gagne

 Since I have met you I am : calmer, gentler, more intuned with my ‘self’, you    have helped me in so many ways. I am so grateful. No doubt everyone who has come in contact with you can attest to this!

Thank you. Liette Gagne


Lucie Monpetit

…”A wonderful energy catalyst, a real generous

    and genuine healer.”

  Lucie Monpetit, author of ‘Se libérer de la fatigue persistante


 Lorraine Korb

 Kyra is both a very gentle and powerful healer and teacher.

 She shares her immense knowledge of bodywork and spirituality

 with such love and dedication, that one cannot help

 but grow under her tutelage.

 I highly recommend her to all who are silently suffering out there,

 and even to those who simply want to strengthen their connectedness

 to the  Source,

 and grow both personally and spiritually.

 Lorraine Ayotte-Korb

 Childcare Educator



Yes! I’m ready to invest in a proven approach to start my Journey in becoming an Enlightened Healer!

NOW is the Only Moment!

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