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You are Sensational!

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Do you feel or just think…what do you think? The wonderful thing about being alive is your ability feel. The word ‘feel’ refers to your emotions and sensations. When you say something is ‘sensational’ you are experiencing it through your whole body. You feel ALIVE!

Your Body 

Your body is your temple of successes, failures, emotions, injuries, thoughts. It is your temple of love. And how is your temple of Love today? Are you loving your body? And what does this mean to you, good nutrition, physical activity, lots of sex or not enough. Do you paint your toe nails and wear high heels….or are you more pragmatic? Are you culturally defined? Are you hormones defining you? Or are your emotions running you ragged?

Only you can answer these questions. You can choose what is most important to you. And I have to say despite your ‘I like’, ‘I don’t like,’ life goes on living you. What to do…

Who Am I

Who are You! This is a primary, essential question for spiritual and just ordinary folks.

You  are a Being…in a body….or are you a hamburger with a soul? Hardly! Your consciousness has the potential to unfold…and your body is constantly transforming. Have you noticed? You are no longer a baby needing your nappies changed. And quite possibly you are not twenty either. So what can you do in this very moment to tune into your essential self and embody all of who you are.

And no, You will never get it perfect and if you try to attain perfection chances are your most neurotic part is running and ruining your life. Let go for wonderful instead. What one thing can you do in this very moment to feel wonderful. Sometimes this just means taking a deep breath, looking at a flower or the sky.

You can always book a session with Body Being & Heart, healing for Body and Spirit. Balance your Chakras, Meridians or alleviate anxiety, even mend a broken heart.


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