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Look Good-Feel Great!

Sharing is Loving

I would like to share how you can look good-feel great! You may be concerned with how you look…whether you are a man or especially if you are a woman. Generally women are more concerned. I think they breed it into us. I mean, I have an excuse, my mother was in show business. What about you? Nonetheless, grooming is part of our animal heritage and did you know you can have great looks and have super health.

Health is Wealth

We can all agree that Health is Wealth but did you know you can look good-feel great at the same time! Let’s get started. Look at the picture above shown at the top of this blog. I drew it myself. Yes, it is not a Michael Angelo. The points indicated on the picture are acupuncture points.

To download the complete picture with all its details CLICK HERE.


Stimulate these points with your natural energy. If you are alive, you have energy. So just rub your hands together and then feel the warmth between them. This is energy. You can then gently touch the points indicated on the Face map to stimulate well-being in  your organs and bring about better looks. Take your time. 30 seconds to 5 minutes should do the trick. And you can use all 10 of  your fingers at the same time. I am sure you will figure it out…or do one or two points at a time.

What Do Those Funny Letters and Numbers Mean?

The letters and numbers indicate points along Chinese based meridians. This system is over 5000 years old. The different meridians support balance in your organs. Healthy organs mean a healthy You!. Li means large intestines and enhances the metal element which includes the lungs. Take a deep Breath…and exhale. Let go all the stuff you don’t need. Si is the small intestines and the fire element which includes the heart. Take in all the nourishment you need…nurture yourself! GB is the gall bladder meridian and wood element which includes the liver. Want to raise your eye lids use GB 14. Let go your frustrations and even see better! Governing Vessel 26, just below the nose and above the upper lip will help you focus your attention. This is an extra and not on the picture. St is your stomach and supports healthy digestion. St is the the earth element and includes the spleen. So this one is for digestion and your immune system. Don’t forget St 9 to beautify your face! Bl is the bladder meridian and the element of water. This element includes the kidney meridian which is the battery of the body. Tone your nervous system…calm down and pep up! Those of you with a deep line between your eyebrows, you can use scotch tape to stretch it out. It is a liver line…which may mean anger management is in your stars…or simply worry. Let’s ease that line!

Done for You

When I do facial Acupuncture, without needles, for clients, the person comes out glowing and feeling Great.  So if you want to have it done for you just book a Body Being & Heart Session In-Person or even On-Line. I include this beauty work by special request as part of my full sessions…which include a mix of light touch therapies and pain free Vibrational Acupuncture…no needles used! Go to https://www.iahp.com/KyraLober  to discover more about my work to help You!

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