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UP the Down Mountain

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There is an upside and a downside to everything. Too much of a good thing usually turns into an addiction or has negative consequences. So if you want to go ‘Up the Down Mountain’ or should I say stay high without a crash, you need to discover compassion and balance.

Yin & Yang

In Chinese Medicine too much yin or too much yang becomes a problem. Something to be toned down or boosted up. The curious thing is too much yin eventually turns into a yang issue and vice versa. Yin and yang describe a relationship like receptive in relation to active. Wine is wonderful…too much and you might become an alcoholic. Exercise is great but too much will exhaust you. Yes, meditation is wonderful if you are not using it to medicate yourself.


Best if you can find balance in your life. What balance and harmony is depends are who you are. The ‘rules’ for a twenty year old will be different than for someone in their 70’s.  You are your own measure. It is always good to reassess where you are and what is needed for you, in this very moment. The best way to do this is by embracing what is and how your body feels. Your body is the focal point of the NOW.


Your body reflects your physical well-being, your emotions, your mind and spirit. One of my teachers said something to the effect that if you want to see how the wind blows look at the sand…if you want to see what is happening in someone’s mind, feelings or spirit look at the body. Today a young woman came for a chakra balancing session. Her intake form read ‘No’ to the question ‘is there anything else I need to know?’ I looked across the room at her chakras before she came onto the massage table.  My subtle perception could see this lovely young woman’s energy centers were indeed unbalanced. So I said ‘your solar plexus chakra and your heart center are imbalanced.’ I looked more closely and saw that gall bladder and stomach were definitely out of balance. ‘Yes’, she said ‘I am going to see my doctor about my stomach. I feel like throwing up and am bloated.’ I mentioned again that her heart Chakra was out of balance and asked if she had a ‘Pain d’Amore’, problem in her love life.  She said ‘Yes’ Then she asked me if I were psychic. In this case the answer is not really. I was not in this instance psychic. I was reading the energy centers of her body. Subtle, yes, pyschic No.

Chakra Balancing

You are a vibrational bioelectric being. You look solid but in fact according to scientists you are mostly space. Your touch could potentially light up a 100 watt light bulb. In this young woman’s case I re-balanced the physical body with Vibrational Acupuncture, no needles just energy. Acupuncture points from my perspective are mini chakras. I see them as whirling energy vectors. Remember, I said your body is the focal point of the now, well the Chakras are energetic structures that reflect what is happening in large portions of your body, as well as your emotions, mind or spirit. It was not so easy to re-balance this young woman’s heart. She had not gotten over her past relationship and was holding on to hurt. So her homework was to repeat a Heart Chakra visualization I gave whenever she felt overwhelmed by her feeling. In this instance, repetition and in future sessions going deeper into the source of her patterns of relationship are needed. The Buddhist say that some things are written in water, and easy to remove, others are written in sand also fairly easy to resolve and somethings are carved in rock, quite difficult to dissolve. Chakra Balancing is one way to access healing in your emotions, physical body and mind. In Chinese medicine the start of disease is energetic aka stagnant Chi.

UP the Down Mountain

The truth is you are creating the mountain. You are setting your goals. And you are setting your will, body, mind and spirit in a direction. OOOPS. And sometimes you fall down the mountain. One step forward three steps back. This must be a dance. You are trying too hard; being a perfectionist or feeling not good enough; these are often the source of  tumbles down the mountain. My suggestion is keep to the middle path of balance and harmony as much as possible. Get help or support when needed. Use methods that are non-invasive if possible in the arena of healing or stress reduction. For instance, you will not need a lobotomy for your stress if you pay attention to your breathing. Do visit bodybeingheart.com to book your On-Line or In-Person Session. You might also like to find a CranioSacral Therapist in your area for gentle touch therapy. And don’t forget to download the Alchemy of Healing  If you would like to know More about Chakras click Here Sending Light & Love, Kyra    

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