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Master Uncertainty

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We all pretend there is certainty…but the truth is the future is uncertain. So how can you master uncertainty? And you may have noticed there is a lot of uncertainty going around  these days.  To begin to master uncertainty start where you are. Recognize that you can plan for the future but that is what it is… a plan or an expectation. So to ‘Master Uncertainty’ expect the unexpected and discover how to think laterally. If you can’t do it one way try another way.

I have always thought schools should teach children adversity training. Instead, you are taught to do as you are told; be quiet and get good grades then you will succeed. Later you are told Think Success and you will Be Successful. How’s this working for you?

Fear of the Unknown

Another way of speaking about this is to talk about the ‘fear of the unknown’ and the possible solution of befriending your fear. It is possible, in your ever changing world, to become more comfortable in your skin and in your life. And yes, there has been a huge upsurge in anxiety lately. Yet it is conceivable that you can come into a place of calm and peace.

Did You Know….?

Life is living you as much as you are living life. And things happen, the good, the bad and the ugly. Choosing the right therapy is essential to overcome and resolve issues so if you are feeling challenged. Do go to my Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body & Spirit sessions page to see how I might support you On-line or In-person

More Importantly What IF…

What if you could shift your consciousness and embrace who you are and not live a box organized by conventional conditioning. What if were possible to access your essential self and live your life with conscious awareness…not from unconscious programing…what would this mean for you?

Everything keeps changing. Some things change faster than others. Are you keeping up? My tech abilities are definitely lagging but I am so grateful that I lived my life from the authenticity of my true self. I have been creative, I have healed myself and others. And who is this ‘I’? No-one, just the unfolding of life through what has been called ‘me’, riding on the current of time. All I really know is the more I open to the infinite and embody my spirit, the more at peace and ‘A Master of Uncertainty’ I become. How about you?

If you would like to Master Uncertainty and experience peace, calm and aliveness as you come closer to your essential self join my next Live Zoom Alchemy of Healing Retreat. You too could be more at ease with uncertainty!

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