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Are You in Transition?

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Are YOU in transition and aren’t we all? Every now and again you may find yourself in a new part of your life. There is always an upside and a downside. There will be a transition or shift from one set of values to another, sometimes big and sometimes small. Life is living You! And You need to adapt to the changing conditions. So if you are in transition…

I wanted to share a few things with you…perhaps this can help to make ‘it’ (whatever the it is) more concrete. It is usual in one’s life to have these transitions…baby into child, child into teenager to young adult-adulthood-through one’s childbearing years as a woman-into pre-to post menopause into our older-elder years and senior-old age. Each transition in your life has its changes and challenges. Hopefully, you come to be wiser and at peace with yourself.

From There to Here

If you have lived a relatively conventional and successful life of family and children. You may want to be opening to a deeper space of wisdom within you. I come from a somewhat unconventional upbringing and life. I find myself becoming more conventional as I move into my even wiser years. That said, in my world, one of the spiritual truths I have found to be true is ‘You are not the Doer’. You ‘think’ you are making choices…but life is simply bringing you to whatever is unfolding for you. However you are responsible for what happens at least in a court of law. This means, if you kill someone…you are not the doer but you are responsible legally. And NO, I am not making a suggestion just dramatizing the explanation.


You may be exploring new ways of thinking about things-reality and yourself. Keep exploring. Your biggest obstacle is FEAR. Make friends with your fear, aka false evidence appearing real. You do not need to make BIG changes…take everything bit by bit, day by day.

Your biggest obstacle is your own self. If you never go forward you will stay stuck. And the truth is you cannot go back.

If you are a loyal and generous person…Please be gentle and a loyal and generous person to yourself. Find out what works for you. Uncovering ‘stuff’ brings up gunk. It does not always feel good especially when you are in conflict and undecided. Everything you feel and think is reflected through your body. The body, everyone’s body is a focal point of the NOW. Our bodies reflect all that is happening through us.

The unfolding process does not always feel good…and also follow that deeper need to see it through for yourself…You are worth it! And when you arrive…it is bliss. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, not just the end of life. Remember not to throw the baby out with the bath water….

I send you lots of Love & Light… if you are in transition to becoming closer to your True Self!

Kyra, your De-Stress and Enlighten Guru

Making the Transition Work

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