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Heart of Healing

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The heart of healing is a process. It is an unwinding process.The  truth is if you unwind the physical heart, you find a mobious strip, a figure eight, the sign of infinity,. If you unwind the emotional heart  you may find many emotions from joy to hatred, passion to hurt as well as many kinds of ‘love’. There is love of family, love of country (so many have died for) there is love for your partner, your teachers and friends.The process of healing involves your physical body, and your feelings which embed themselves in your body and mind.


And what is mind? Is it an advanced calculator or a series of sub-personalities each with its own agenda? Or perhaps it is your subjective reality or is it a windshield wiper that takes you one way and then another. If you make mind the master, big wow! You are then really stuck. You become its slave. The question is are you your body, emotions, or mind? Or are these just parts of you? Who are YOU?


Healing also involves your relationship to spirit. Essentially, this is what you allow yourself to experience or believe about spirit. Spirit  is, at best something, ineffable, to be pointed at not grabbed by the fist. In spiritual circle they say ‘the finger pointing to the moon’. Actually what is meant is the space between the tip of the finger and the moon. Not so easy to grasp, eh.

The truth is the spiritual  heart  contains spaciousness, consciousness and love. Love is infinite like a mobious strip. Love has the capacity to heal.

Getting to the heart of healing is a journey as you unwind all the bits and parts that need healing. The physical aches and pains, the emotional aches and pains, the psychological, mental default patterns that sabotage and which you might be making excuses for… the list goes on.

Heart of Healing

When we Love from our deepest space something else arises beyond words, beyond need. It arises. And then LOVE is us.

Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body and Spirit encompasses all that you are by opening the healing vibration within you, by supporting your body to release and re-balance,  unfolding your capacity to heal physically, emotionally and allowing your mind to relax. If you are willing it is all possible.

You are the Heart of Healing. You can be the joy that sets it Free!

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