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Little Blessings

Sharing is Loving

It is the little blessings that touch my heart in these difficult dark days of Winter and the pandemic. I am delighted, of course, when I can be the giver of little blessings in the form of small donations, support for local business/friends or animal shelters or simply a kind word that resonates with someone’s soul. I am also deeply touched when I am the recipient of said blessings. How about You?

Giving & Receiving

Women in particular are given to be givers but it is just as important to be able to receive. Allow yourself to receive. It is not an ego trip. This allows your heart to open. You will feel: joy, tenderness, delight, even vulnerability. You will probably also experience satisfaction, fullness and connection. And connection in these days of isolation is much needed. Montreal, where I live, is shutdown and has an 8 pm curfew.

Over giving leads to over-exhaustion. So when you can come into a nourishing balance, this is healthier. I am not speaking ‘tit for tat’. Even in a business arrangement appreciation is best when appreciated.


My work is about embodying spirit. And I have to tell you, not only you but your body is in a transformational process. I find as I am challenged by the getting older process of my body, my spirit grows stronger in every cell.. And also challenges happen.

So today as I went to the Dance Studio downtown where I rent space once a week. It is an empty 1500 sq. feet with floor to ceiling windows, all for me. I found my body was tight and just a bit achy so I was gentle attempting to unwind my limbs, back, hips and of course DANCE! Now you need to know that in my younger years, even after two knee operations, I could jump as high as a grand piano. Not now! As I left the studio, the Ballet teacher who comes in after me with her student took one look at me, took me aside and gave me a simple exercise that is working wonders. I was touched. One, that she noticed and two, that she took time to share with me.

Now you also need to know that I am no slouch in knowing what to do…having studied not only dance but somatic education with some of the greats in the field of movement and therapy. Yet there is always some new nuance to be experienced. Always something new to learn. So this insight, Victoria, the marvelous Ballet teacher gave me was one of many little blessings I received today, one that really touched me.

Let me share a little blessing with you: a De-Stress Checklist. Just reading this list will relax You.


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