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Trauma and Support

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Hi, I am Kyra, ‘Antara’ Kyra Lober, Your De-Stress and Enlighten Healer… My hope is that my memories will stimulate you to investigate your early perceptions. You can see from what I share that although there may be traumas you can easily move from trauma to finding support. So here is a bit more about me.

I was born in a French hospital on 33rd and Third avenue in New York City. Anyway, that was how I remember it being said to me… checking Google however the French Hospital was on 29-30 Streets between 7 & 8th Avenues. My fantasy is that the nurses were wearing those flying nun hats when I arrived. The French Hospital was run by sisters of the Holy Cross. Perhaps this explains my interest in spirituality….

Trauma and Support

Birth, you may have realized, is your first trauma in life. My trauma was the nuns tied my mother’s legs together to wait for the doctor. Me, I wanted to be born…I attribute my intense headaches to this birth trauma as well as a bit of claustrophobia throughout my life till I received and trained in CranioSacral Therapy. Click More About Therapies on the sidebar for Body Being & Heart info.

Memories that Affect…

My earliest memories are of my mother not wanting me to climb on her. She was pregnant with my sister Kathy, born two years younger than me. The image of my mother sitting on the couch and a huge Balinese Wax painting behind her is a memory I will never forget. This extraordinary painting and love of the exotic, as you can see, was imprinted in me from an early age. And Yes! I did get to spend a month in Bali many years later.

The next memory is of going with my father to a loft party in New York. I remember the quality of light in the large relatively empty space. I watched a Fire Eater swallow fire! You can see the magical had indeed entered my life. And then I remember walking home holding my father’s hand and the sense of security.

Early pre-verbal memories set the tone of our lives. What do you remember? And Yes, some of the courses I teach take you back into even Prenatal experiences, Past-life and inner journeys…

Dancing with Life!

Both my parents were in theater, early television, film, the concert stage, Broadway and even Las Vegas. They were both dancers and I followed in their footsteps… ha, ha, however not on the commercial stage but as a choreographer and solo artist in contemporary dance on the concert stage. I graduated from the High School of Performing Arts featured in the movies Fame. I was not in those movies. Nonetheless, what I learned in those years was that life was always magically coming in to support me…us, even when unemployment insurance ran out for my parents and separation, divorces happened.


One of dearest memories for which I am always grateful was the singing lessons I was given by Sula Serafini at Concergie Hall. She took me under wing in my teenage years and gave me weekly private lessons. You need to realize I am not a singer though I love to improvise with vocal sound. Life has been so very generous.

And the dance community has always come through for me. I had a full scholarship to Julliard Preparatory Division when I was in High School as well as a dance scholarship with Paul Sanasardo. Those were the days I woke at six am and came home at nearly 11 pm, taking 4 dance classes a day plus academics.

When my father was on tour, I lived for awhile with the family of the man who developed the 3 stage rocket. His wife had been a dancer.

More recently an old professor from the University of California left me an inheritance and a dancer gifted me into an abundance community. By the way, after my stay in Bali I went to Java and In Java I stayed with Javanese theater people who me invited to a Royal Wedding.

My life has been, as perhaps yours has been filled with challenges and wonders. I am so grateful to all those who showed up for me, sometimes for years and whole lifetimes and sometimes for just a moment.

In these days of worldwide crisis, a pandemic of uncertain origins, it is incumbent on us all to clear the pathway to our health and well-being. Sometimes this means looking to the past and early traumas. It is always helpful to have a healthy life style. Embodying Your Spirit is optimum… I trust you will join in many of Body Being & Heart’s many programs, courses and sessions, On-line and in Person!

If you are wanting to know even more about me, you can check the blogs Illness to Health and Becoming A Wiser Woman

Sending Light & Love, Kyra.

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