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Women in Transition

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Are you a woman in Transition? Aren’t we all…? I am a woman and I am not excluded. Most of my clients who come for sessions are women and they too are in transition. The question is how well are you transitioning?


Stress, illness and injury come about when you are not coping with your life. You feel overwhelmed, out of balance and unwell. What you need to know is you are in your own personal transformational process much like the caterpillar to the butterfly. But in human life we seem to do this over and over again.  Shedding the years of childhood to young adult, middle age, older years and beyond. Each period period brings its own challenges and perks!

The reason you may not be transitioning well  is fear. You are afraid of losing the perks and comfort of where you are, rocking the status quo or what you perceive or have been told it is. Women are often afraid to be themselves and speak their truth.

You may go through periods that seem like they will never end or ones  you want to last forever. Neither is, of course, possible. This too will pass, whatever the ‘this’ is. There is no room for evolving into the being you are now when you get too attached or too frustrated with the past or what you deem the ‘isness’ of life. You are stuck.

The Healing Process

I speak to the woman in you because I am a woman. I see and support many who come to my ‘healing room’. Here are a few takes on the why and how you might have gotten stuck, stressed or even ill.

What I experience most in young women and not so young women is not being able to move on from a love relationship. I find myself dialoguing with them in a body centered process to discover how to recognize the love in themselves.

Your body is like a tape recorder of all your experiences. Hurts and pain are embedded in your flesh. Women often experience colors and images when I work ie. re-balance their bodies using gentle touch therapy. Emotional hurt can be released as we dialogue with images, your body and feelings. Your journey is personal. The nuances you discover are yours forever. And remember, the love you feel for another…is your love.

Stress underlies the issues I experience with women in their thirties and forties. How do you create stress in yourself? Do you make demands on yourself that are unreasonable? Are you an over giver, over achiever, over perfectionist and trying to control everything? When you want what you want, you are creating stress. So check out unreasonable demands you are making on yourself, others and life.

Be Compassionate To You!

You might want to learn how to diminish these patterns of behavior which are reflected in your body. My hands-on and distant healing sessions re-balance your body, along with dialoging through your body, will allow you to heal and release the feelings and mindsets no longer useful.  This is like saying you can’t fit into your baby shoes when you are over twenty years old.

I can see as I write this post that what I want to share can go on and on and on…will have to save it for another day. Let me finish by saying when I was 50 years old I said to one of  my sisters ‘I feel like I am beginning to be middle aged’ and she said ‘I have felt that way for years.’ We all move through different stages of our lives differently. Now that I am even older…I find I can finally let go of striving…I can finally be good enough…How about You?

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