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How to Stay Healthy in Challenging Times

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Staying healthy, in the challenging times of Today’s pandemic, is indeed a challenge. Each person responds differently. People have slightly different stressors. And each responds in their own way because everyone is unique. You are special because you are you. And you are ahead of the game if you have learned to listen to your body

Staying Healthy

Obviously, since the Covid-19 virus is transmitted through the air, best to social distance and stay away from crowds. Even if you are vaccinated wear a mask especially when you are around people you do not know well to minimize a potential negative impact.

I am an ‘essential worker’. Despite shutdowns I am allowed to work. Yeah!!! This also means I am seeing clients who are not in my personal bubble. I purify the air in my ‘healing’ room with the Lampe Berger. It has antiseptic, antimicrobial and antiviral qualities etc. It was used during the Spanish flu. I social distance when my clients and I are talking. Masks are worn by both you and me when you receive hands-on treatments.

So Yes, you can take care of physical aspects to stay healthy. Do remember: vaccinated or not, you still need to take care. The media has said the vaccines only stop serious response to Covid-19. You are super highly unlikely to wind up in hospital if vaccinated.

You can also eat well to stay healthy. If possible eat organic. And you can take a few basic supplements to support your immune system like vitamin D and to protect your lungs vitamin A. Some people like to take zinc and vitamin C. Those are the basics.


Stress has been said to be the number one killer barre any wars or terrorist attacks before the pandemic. Fear has become a number one stress this past pandemic year along with the stress from isolation, fear of the virus  not only for oneself but for your  family.  And also there have been infinite shifts and changes in your lifestyle. These have all taken their toll.

It is important to find a way to alleviate your stress because stress is considered to be the primary source of illness. You can see a body-worker, massage therapist or someone like myself who is a holistic practitioner to re-balancing your body with gentle touch therapies and body centered dialogue with your feelings.

In my sessions subtle shifts occur even as we speak…I know because I can see it in your aura. Hands-on I experience the releases as the very tissue of your body lets go of unnecessary stress that keeps you physically, emotionally, and energetically dis-functional aka tired and anxious. The opportunity is to optimize your health.

You know best what is good for you even if you don’t always do it. Just remember to honor your Body Being & Heart. You can choose to nurture yourself and ease stress. You can choose well being.


Discover ways to heal and support your well-being. A Reiki course is one of the easiest way to learn more about your body and the basics of of natural energy healing for yourself and others. It is also a great way to support and connect you to your essential Self-spirit.

If you do not live in Montreal or should you become ill or overly stressed you can always do a Zoom consult with me. Just book On-line...if you  are symptom free of Covid-19 and live in Montreal you welcome to come in person. I do have to say that even a few Montreal people are doing their sessions with me, On-line.

Sending You lots of Love & Light…Stay Well & Safe!

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