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New Big Bad Wolf

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Do You Have It?

There’s a new dis-ease in the ethers,  Super Duper COVID -19 anxiety.  So, if you are a victim of embedded fear or a thought that won’t quit, I have a solution.

I just took yet another brain course. I experience that every cell in your body is conscious. The brain and mind however can definitely be a challenge. In this last brain course, I got to ask the question, where are these fixated thought patterns and how can I heal them.

I specialize in concussions and diseases of the brain in my private practice. And among other things I am a certified CranioSacral Therapist. Every person I am not able to help leads me in a journey of discovery to learn more. Working with clients with anxiety and repetitive thoughts has brought me to a new form of treatment.

I have several clients in mind as I write this. Especially a beloved longtime student and client who I refer to as my Burka Bandito, so covered is she from head to toe. I totally understand as both she and I are in the older persons category. I never put myself in the senior category until the media told me I was old.

New Big Bad Wolf

Getting back to the topic of the New Big Bad Wolf, what you need to know is some of your fears of COVID-19 are not true.

The Montreal Saturday Gazette had a front page article in the NP section. The title is ‘When Covid-19 Fears Stop Making Sense’. The essence of the article is that statistics do not support the current fears of catching the virus or variants especially in children, young adults or those having been vaccinated. And the article goes on to say “It is far from the first time that public fears about COVID-19 did not match reality on the ground.” A doctor is quoted in the article says “there is a definitely a huge mismatch between what the literature says and how people are behaving.

What to do if you have Super Duper COVID-19 anxiety? Come for a CranioSacral Therapy session. Take back control of your life. Stop suffering. Experience instead the power of a gentle touch which calms and assists you, your body and brain to heal.

Learn more about CranioSacral Therapy on the Upledger  Institute International site

Sending Light & Love, Kyra

P.S. Pandemic Protocols are in place in my clinic. Even the air is purified!

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