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Are you paying attention to your body? Me, I sit at the computer too much. Not good for my back nor for my internal organs. How about you? Are you looking at your computer screen too much? Is it ruining your eyes?

The Solution

Awareness is the solution if it makes you do something about the problem. The lens of your eyes becomes less elastic by staring at the computer all day. What is the solution? Easy peasy, just look into the distance every now and again…like every 15 minutes.

Lower back issues? Walk around every hour or so for a few minutes. You can also hang from a door frame, go to a yoga class…but don’t push to hard. Listen, listen to your body.

I am going to have to do a video or pdf handout for an array of back releasing activities…and also for the emotion locked into the tissue. But hope these little reminders help.


Those of you with digestive issues…watch your reactions to the foods you eat. A student of mine solved all her lower bowel issues by taking pre-biotics. Start by identifying your issue. Keep in mind that organ issues are reflected through your muscles and structure and reflect your emotions. And yes, healing your gut brain is one of my specialties! It is not called the second brain for nothing. It has more neurons than your head.

Good Habits

Implement your body awareness with good habits. And come for a re-balancing session. Take care of your Self.  And Don’t forget to join my De-Stress and Enlighten Facebook Group.

Me, I am going to go for a walk. It is that almost Summer time of the year. Just the right temperature for my body. And remember you may not be your body but your body reflects what is happening in you. Your body is the focal point of the now. Give your mind a rest and experience your body with Awareness. You will feel better for doing this!

Remember You can come for a session On-line from anywhere or In Person if you live in Montreal.

You might also want to learn some healing skills to help you take care of yourself and others. Start by Discovering Reiki,  the all natural energy healer! Your body is your temple! Take care of it.

Sending light & Love, Kyra

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