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Tune Up Not Out

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The leaves are falling, time for your autumn tune up! Conventional wisdom says the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. ‘Now’ is the second best time. And perhaps you have been taking care of your health all your life. Even if you have, there are so many changes and pressures in todays world that it is important to maximize your wellness. And that is where tuning up comes in.

Tune Up Not Out

Your body is designed for homeostasis. It is always attempting to keep you in balance. Even if you are doing your best, you are probably not perfect. Your body needs your help, so tune up not out. If you tune out the little aches and pains, feelings and mind fog are attempting to say, you are heading for disaster.

How I Take Care

Personally, though I live in Canada where there is universal healthcare, I have private insurance to keep me up to date in taking care of myself. It pays for alternative therapeutic sessions which keep me tuned up!

Helping You!

Autumn is a time of seasons changing. In Chinese medicine you enter into the metal element where the meridians of the lungs and large intestines are stressed. Your best strategy to keep colds, flu etc. at bay is to be proactive in your health and support your immune system.

Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body and Spirit offers a range of therapeutic and dynamic approaches to well-being and personal development, On-Line and In-Person to keep those annoying, chronic problems from becoming permanent. And Yes, Body Being & Heart offers third party insurance receipts…which keeps sessions from becoming luxuries.


You may also want to have a few healing skills of your own for your personal backup. I highly suggest discovering Reiki, Natural Healing. In fact The next course is coming soon. To register for On-line or In-Person Go Here! Enrollment is very limited, so don’t miss out.

Your Priority

You have one priority…take care of yourself. In-Person courses have pandemic protocols in place. The very air in my healing room is purified in a way which destroys all virus and bacteria. It smells wonderful too!

In personalized small courses, we are social distanced during group discussions and wear masks during hands-on practice. On-Line on Zoom you are in your bubble practicing on yourself or someone near and dear.


Discover the basics of Body Being & Heart’s natural healing for yourself and others or come to a session.

I am in Montreal. One of safest cities in the world currently and a tourist destination rating higher than NYC.


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