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‘Summertime and the living is easy’…were the opening words of a song composed by George Gershwin for the 1935 musical Porgy and Bess. And in the lushness of deep summer this tune is in my head…not that I was alive in 1935. But the song is a classic and reminds me of a summer spent in Ohio when my parents were in Summer Stock doing a new musical every two weeks. Before so much drama and change erupted in our family.

The Perfect Family

Sometimes things seem perfect, even if they are not. Growing up ‘Leave it to Beaver’ and the ‘Brady Bunch’ epitomized the perfect family life.  Drama and even violence fill TV family shows today.

Whatever your family life may have been, it has influenced you for better or worse. So I wonder what solutions you have explored to ensure it is for the better? Me, I turned to exploring spirituality and the healing arts. My work is On-Line with Distant Healing Consults as well as In-Person. Body Centered dialogue and gentle energy unwinding of your injuries and chronic situations open the door for permanent solutions.

Dr. Feldenkrais said…

I had one teacher, Dr. Moishe Feldenkrais, who said “you need ten different ways to heal because sometimes a solution stops working.” The body centered path to wellness of Body Being & Heart is powerful even done at a distance. One person I worked on Long Distance had been in a near fatal car crash. Three months later she was dancing the tango. She lived in Germany. I was in Montreal, Canada.

Your body reflects your experiences, your DNA, and your environment. Is it time for you to  alleviate a chronic or acute issue or time to dialogue with your body trauma and the feelings it holds? Perhaps, it is a time to find a different perspective or experience an energetic solution, and/or simply try something new.

Your body is your temple and as you know ‘a stich in time, saves time’. Take steps to nurture yourself and your body before you find yourself in a drama-trauma or situation which could be avoided. Discover how you can take care of yourself with something simple like Reiki, natural healing or come for a session On-Line or In-Person.

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