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Alice Wonderbar Tantra Queen

Sharing is Loving

Alice is my avatar and sometime I am her avatar. The next ‘Alice’ book is filled with spiritual insight, romance, of course, and yes, it is a fantastic fantasy. Nuggets of my own, now very long life get transformed into something else with social commentary thrown in as a bonus. It is all very entertaining and also food for reflection.

Help is Here

You have all made so many choices in your life and even I have continued to unfold my life path. But I, unlike most of you, danced on Broadway…in my mother’s womb and went onto many dance scholarships which included Julliard Prep and even a Rockefeller Foundation grant. I even got good reviews in the New York Times.

Sadly, all of life has its rainy moments and I got ill with a disease. It took a year to diagnose. Luckily, they forgot to tell me it was incurable. So, I got well and became a therapist in light touch physical and energetic modalities.

If you need help and support in your healing process or spiritual unfoldment, contact me. Yes, you may live half way around the world and I can give you a healing session on-line. If you live in Montreal do come for in-person. I often give tune ups to my in-person clients over the phone.

What Else Happened? 

Well, I grew up on unemployment insurance whenever my parents were between shows. You probably didn’t. I am just a super creative person who not only created a Ballet for Robert Joffrey’s junior company but have now created ‘Adventures of Alice Wonderbar,’ and am writing the sequel, ‘Alice Wonderbar Tantra Queen’.

You can order any of your Alice books if you Go Here!

Creativity & Well-Being

What do I do with my healing therapies and my creativity? I will create personalized solutions for you! Sometimes I invent activities you can use on your own. I tailor the sessions to you and discover new and interesting ways for you to reach your goals, painlessly without drugs.

It All Depends on You!

It all depends on you, if you are open and truly want to heal; it will happen when you work with me. I know because it has worked for me. I don’t just fix you. You are an equal part of the equation.

If you are a woman in a life changing or challenging situation and have physical symptoms, you are my ideal client for my therapeutic sessions or reading my ‘Alice’ books.  You might want to join me on the next Alice Wonderbar Spritual Retreat to India.

Alice Wonderbar Tantra Queen

Here is the link to get your Alice books and here is the link to the

Alice Wonderbar Facebook Group

And no, you don’t have to become a Tantra Queen to enjoy this slightly spicy read.

Sending Light, Kyra, your magical healer and author

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