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Overview of the Adventures of Alice Wonderbar

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The Adventures of Alice Wonderbar is a Spiritual Romantic Fantasy. It is the story of a woman who has explored her freedom. Alice is a sixties flower child who has matured into a magical mystical healer.

Once Upon a Time…

The novel begins with a series of dreams which Alice shares with her goddaughter Clara. The two go off to Mexico where they discover romance.

Alice meets her former lover, Ricardo who has barely survived the bombing of his radical church. His shaman and priests support native rights.  Carla, in the meantime, connects with Carlo, Ricardo’s second in command.

So begins this dangerous journey and struggle with outer space aliens in a bold attempt to create world peace. Alice and Carla encounter the Dark Side, those whose power comes from chaos and fear.

A host of artists, psychics, and spiritual masters join them in their quest. Alice, a Spiritual Master in her own right, discovers her deeper humanity.  She takes us all on a path of spiritual enlightenment.

The Adventures of Alice Wonderbar is a magical fun-filled fantasy grounded in contemporary spirituality. Alice puts you in touch with the conflicts and potentials of today’s world. Enjoy the wisdom it brings!


Just to remind you, all the characters in this novel are fictional. Yes, based on some of my personal journeys but Greatly exaggerated. Let’s face it, I am not white haired nor did I ever call myself a flower child. The story does use places I have visited and spiritual truths which have unfolded for me. If you too want to become a magical healer don’t forget you can always checkout the schedule for upcoming courses or contact me Ky**@bo************.com  

Check out the start of the Adventures of Alice Wonderbar!

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Adventures of Alice Wonderbar

Healing, Romance & Intrigue

The Woo Woo Continues…

Mount Shasta and Beyond

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