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Healing for Life

Sharing is Loving

Healing for life is a life long project. It is a balancing act which will keep you on your toes! Because your needs keep shifting, and what you do keeps changing as you go through different periods of your life.

So, where are you NOW! What is your issue? Is it physical, emotional, mental, energetic, or spiritual? What in you is calling you to be aware or to nurture? Don’t forget the essential part of you is always perfect. Purrfect as my cat would say!

Jumping High

I used to jump as high as a grand piano. This is not exactly calling me after two knee operations and many years later…however…

I am about to assist at a international seminar on Zoom to rebalance the complexities of the pineal gland energetically as well as reboot your DNA and epigenome system and even give you a Romance Blast to allow you to be more open to Love. And the list goes on. It can all happen if you are open and available. Ok, it helps if your body and spirit co-operate.

But yes, anything can happen if you are present and available. You may have a problem but you are also the solution! You have the answers even if you cannot see, feel or experience them in the moment.

Healing for Life

Your life sometimes needs a little support. And there are some simple ways to receive it.  If you are stressed for just a couple of dollars or even free on Kindle Unlimited you can read ‘Anxious Woman.’ It has an abundance of helpful tips and suggestions.

You can gain spiritual insight and also be totally entertained by my novel ‘Adventures of Alice Wonderbar, a romantic, spiritual, fantasy.’ Also Free on Kindle Unlimited. Do leave a review.

Teleportation Health is available on Zoom. You can have a session in your own home. I will share whatever is needed in my life long tool kit of skills to help you help yourself!

Come in person if you are in Montreal for a Body Being & Heart in-person session or even a course to give you additional skills to cope.

Prevent Now

I had a healing crisis in my twenties but now more than 4 decades later, I am not on any prescription drugs. In fact, my GP is semi-retiring and called to tell me I had to find another doctor, he was only seeing critically ill patients.

We are having a doctor shortage in Montreal, really hard to find your own GP. So, I said “But Dr. B…, I am so low maintenance.” And he said, “Right, I will keep you on my list.”

If you want to be healthy and ‘low maintenance’ from a medical point of view, start now with preventive healing sessions to maintain your brain, body, heart and of course your beauty. Health is Wealth…


Tips of the Day

Get Moving! Do what you Love! Connect to your Spirit! Eat and Sleep well! I think this might be the title of a new book I should write: MLSES, Here’s What It Means to Me!

And always remember You are the Awareness of everything, and not those re-actions and dis-functional emotional or physical habits. Enjoy!

Sending Love, Light & Happiness, Kyra

Your Magical Healer & Author!

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