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Kyra Consciousness

Sharing is Loving

You have gone through your whole life believing it was ordinary but you have been touching the extraordinary. I have certainly felt this way until looking back I realize how special, though maybe messy, it has been. So I invite you to look again at your own life. Find those special moments and treasure them as you continue into and stay open for the extraordinary!


WOW! I came to Los Cabos to give a little Reiki course. It was a bumpy ride. Once there the extraordinary started happening.

What was bumpy? I traveled from Montreal to Los Cabos. It took over over 14 hours to get there starting in the wee hours of the morning. My host met me at the local Costco and took a back road to get to her place. It was literally bumpy. I thought I had shaken baby syndrome. Then she insisted I only take five minute showers. No problem, there was only cold water.


What has been wonderful has been unfolding a new mentoring/relating with another extraordinary being. I only take a few people under my wing and then off they fly to their destiny. In this case it was initiating an extraordinary woman into being a Reiki Teaching Master. One who holds and honors the tradition and can really do the job.

There are so many Reiki Masters out there and then there are those who really are THAT! Reiki is an energetic healing modality within the quantum field or as I like to put it within the Divine. It is spiritual.

I am now in my ‘older’ years and sharing the wisdom, teaching and light with those who want to move forward, not as a job but as a calling to hold the light for others.

Los Cabos

The first thing I learned about Cabos was it was built on crystal. And having been the Crystal Queen in my long ago past, I knew I had come to the right place. I feel so good in my body here. The crystals are calling!

The Reiki course went well and participants were super! The extreme light which shines through me, at least sometimes, shone bright. The magic of synchronicity began.

I almost immediately met by chance someone who writes a newsletter and already wants to set more events for me. WOW!

Kyra Consciousness

What is Kyra Consciousness? Kyra means, among other things, ‘Rainbow Goddess.’ So how can I go wrong…ha ha

My life has been dedicated to embodying spirit whether it has been in the dances/choreographies I created when I was younger, the healing work I continue to do and the books I have written and continue to write.

Do read ‘Adventures of Alice Wonderbar,’ romantic, spiritual fantasy. This is a novel especially for people with messy lives and it is even a little spicy. It is a journey to advocate for those who can’t and a magical adventure to save planet earth with shaman, gurus and even aliens. Enjoy the wisdom it brings!

I gathered together my writings on stress in ‘Anxious Woman,’ guide to DeStress and Enlighten. Both books are available on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited for Free!

‘Alice’ is also available in print.


And then there is this light in me that continues to expand as I attune to earth and sky. the light which experiences both light and darkness in the world. This light which supports the light in others especially women.

This is what I am speaking to when I say Kyra Consciousness. Did I share that Kyra is the feminine of Kyrie as in Kyrie Elysium…Lord have Mercy!

In the Moment

In the moment I am reflecting how best to share this light which moves through me and is connected to everyone and everything. Of course you can come for a Body Being & Heart healing session in person in Montreal or on Zoom for Teleportation Health. You can also come to unfold and embody your light and life fully.

I am happy. And when I am happy, I know it is my true nature. How about You?


P.S. You might to read ‘Your Light’and Reiki Natural Healing

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