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'Antara' Kyra Lober, creator of Body Being & Heart Somatic Alchemy, is certified in CranioSacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Body-Mind Centering®, Reiki...


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Everyone gets challenges. Some of them are small, some big. When it comes to your health, lets keep them small. Body Being & Heart provides preventive care to reduce your  stress before it develops into something larger. Stress kills more people than all the current wars on planet earth per year.

I Heard

I just heard on the tele that dementia is increasing rapidly and it is affecting women more than men. BBH CranioSacral Therapy supports brain function and can even reverse dementia in its early stages. Did You know?

Everyone is doing their best. This I know. I have discovered that staying healthy is an art form and everyone needs basic healing skills. And you need a fluid approach to well-being.

Chronic Conditions

If you have a chronic condition find natural means, therapies which support your health as well as eat, move, dance, yoga and love appropriately. Staying alive and well is a balance often  between using medical means short term and a good wellness approach long term.

Pills Have Consequence…

Pills for anxiety and sleeping seem convenient but there are long term consequences and you may never get off of them. They eventually stop working. WOW! So find a better way.


You Breathe 34,000 times a day. Discover how you can influence and breathe consciously to influence your autonomic automatic breathing. Come talk to your inner child or what I like to call your inner animal.

What Eats You?

It is not what you eat but what eats you and these emotions get stuck in your body. Body Being & Heart offers a way to release them. Are you ready?


The Buddhists say ‘some things are written in water, others in sand and some things are carved in rock.’  What have you been holding or carving into your body. This is the opportunity to stop. You can! Gently and slowly let go with a super relaxing Body Being & Heart session.

There is even a new Double Deluxe Teleportation Health Session on Zoom. You can do this from the comfort of your own home from any where in the world. This Teleportation Health aka Distant Healing Deluxe Session gives you two hours to share your issues and receive a healing session. You also get a personalized healing meditation to support you in your healing journey and a detailed report of what happened and what was perceived in the session. Interested? Click Here!

Life is Filled

Life is filled with challenges to be overcome. Let’s not live in crisis. Let’s create health and happiness as you dialogue with you non-conscious. Body Being & Heart is a body centered approach to wellness. It has a physical somatic side as well as a component for working with emotions stuck in your body. BBH uses energy to tissue, gentle physical facilitation which allows your body to let go of inflammation and increase mobility. It affects your body, being and how you feel even as teaches you how to cope with your stress using simple activities.

Body Being & Heart opens your concepts about yourself as you release trauma. Embody who you truly are…allow your consciousness to expand!


Sending Light & Healing,

Kyra, Your Magical Healer




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