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Teleportation Health

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What is Teleportation Health? I used to call it Distant Healing meaning giving the Body Being & Heart session from afar. These days I do this using the quantum field, the vibrant space all around us, using some or all the techniques, healing guides and energies of the Universe, I have at my disposal.  Bring it on!

Teleportation Health

I like to this over Zoom or the telephone. But if I know you well, I can just intend and send. If you are available, open to receiving it will happen. What do you feel? You feel better! Also relaxed, vibrant and even energized. You might feel a tingle. Do you want to Try?

I  have training for years, maybe lifetimes, in numerous modalities and now I can call myself a Magical and Practical Healer. Of course, only you do the healing, I just facilitate.

Frequencies and Vibrations

I just assisted at an international seminar, holding the ‘space’ for over forty participants. Are you ready for the New…Ok ancient art of Teleportation Health where I bring your energy body into my healing room…or go to you energetically.

In-Person or On-Line

Do you live in Montreal? If you do you can certainly be here in person in my healing room. Some only come to me on Zoom whether they live here or not. Time, temperature, travel are all factors. But these don’t have to be for a session on Zoom. You can have a session in the comfort of your own home.

There is even a Double Deluxe Session, two hours plus a report and a personalized meditation. Check It Out!

Spiritual Healing

You might call this Spiritual Healing. Certainly I attune to the highest vibrations possible and also I use a lifetime of therapeutic skills to refine the energetic sessions I give. Even in person, I attune to the highest and best for you and use energy to tissue skills with CranioSacral Therapy, Vibrational Acupuncture, Chakra Balancing as well as somatic/physical movement skills to bring your body and being into alignment.

In Teleportation Health everything is done vibrationally with energy for your highest and best!

Discover How You Can Do This?

Your Health is Your Wealth. If you are already a therapist, happy to teach you how to do this. If you are wanting basic training or as a Yoga Teacher want to write third party insurance receipts contact me for details.

Sending Love, Light and Healing,

Kyra, Your Magical and Practical Healer

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