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Is your inner light on? Your light is most important. November this year has been tough. Its been grey and now it is time for winter coats. Are you needing to polish up your inner space and well being. Maybe it is time to turn on your inner Christmas Light! I can already hear those Christmas jingles in my head which keep my mood and body feeling so good even as I head into December and for me another milestone birthday. So amazing the inner you is eternal so in my mind I am still delightfully young. How about you?

Christmas Lights

There are neighborhood lights which have been on all year but now there are more. Technically they are all Christmas lights although the ones that have been on throughout the year…I think of them as holding hope for the end of the pandemic.


If you have pandemic fatigue or residue stress and want to to lighten up. Let me suggest some simple things you can do for yourself to feel good.
  1. Take a few moments to just listen to your breath. It will deepen as you listen. This will bring more oxygen and energy! The quiet moment will bring you back into your body and out of your stress head.
  2. Remind yourself of what you are grateful for in your life. Get real…you are alive! Start from there. The universe supports those who are grateful!
  3. Be kind to yourself. Remember First Love is Self Love.
  Body Being & Heart sessions and courses support you in your well-being. Join in On-Line or in person. Give yourself a Gift of a Peaceful You If you want to read more about the power of gratefulness Click Here! Sending Light & Love, Kyra

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