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Magical Healer

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You are a magical healer. Your body is designed to heal and establish balance aka homeostasis. If you are so out of balance that your body on its own cannot heal you then it is necessary to find support from a therapist or go to your doctor.

Acute situations often require medical attention. On-going chronic condition are best handled wherever possible with changes in lifestyle and hands-on therapies which support your body in healing itself.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic health conditions are generally treated medically by giving you pills which lower symptoms but do not heal. In fact, anti-inflammatory medication over the long term has many, even potentially lethal, side affects.

So what to do…?

Time to change your approach…Now is the only time that is. So this is the best time to explore non-invasive practices while you can. What does that mean? It means that if you have a pain in your arm you don’t have to have surgery and cut it off. Surgery is the most invasive but necessary in many situations. Sorry to be so dramatic…

Try the least invasive measures for the pain in your arm or other places in your body. This might be changing your diet to be more alkaline.  Definitely this would be very helpful for chronic inflammatory conditions. Next would be light touch and energetic therapies such as CranioSacral, Vibrational Acupuncture or Reiki.

A Magical Healer

I always wanted to become a Magical Healer for others not just myself. My unconventional life. I mean, I danced on Broadway…in my mother’s womb and later became a concert artist  in what is called now Contemporary Dance. And yes, I got good reviews in the New York Times.

I  got ill. It took a year to diagnose and luckily for me the doctor forgot to tell me it was incurable. So I got well. And became that Magical Healer for myself and others.

Body Being & Heart Sessions can be done On-Line or in person. I use light touch modalities and energy approaches. If you don’t live in Montreal, I recommend a distant healing session.

Distant Healing

Distance and time do not make a difference. So wherever you are in the world you can experience healing. I was having a Zoom meeting with the CEO of my Tech platform. It was running overtime. She blurted out “I’ve missed my chiro appointment!” I said “Let me take a look.” I did and in less than a minute rebalanced her back energetically over Zoom. There was no more pain. Her email the next morning to me was ecstatic and so delighted! You do need to know, she lives in Wisconsin and I am physically in Montreal.

One of my students has become a Dog Whisperer. Me, I am just hanging out and having fun these days finishing editing my romantic, spiritual fantasy,  ‘Adventures of Alice Wonderbar’, out next summer. I do have a couple of spots for sessions available before the end of the year, On-Line or In-Person.

Become A Magical Healer!

Those of you who want to become Magical Healers for yourself and others, I am planning a new Body Being & Heart program In-Person and On-Line. Join me Thursday November 25 at 7 pm Eastern time, I will host a Zoom info session on Body Being & Heart professional programs On-Line and In Person. If you want to join in just download the course descriptions.

Participants who download will be sent the link to the info session. Replay will be sent to this list as well. You will be able to ask your questions if  you are there on the info meeting.

Even if you are not ready for a whole program I highly recommend and suggest that everyone should have at least take a Reiki course because it is a skill guaranteed for life. Find out more!

Take one course and find out if this is an area you want to explore. Become certified as a Body Being & Heart practitioner. Those specializing in hands-on practices will be able to write third party insurance receipts. Students specializing in distant healing will master On-Line Healing!

Yes, I will be happy to send the replay to those who cannot attend the Master Class.

I am so excited and delighted to support you on your transformational journey! The origins of the word Heal mean to make whole. Embody all that you are….is to be whole!

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