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When Talk Therapy Does Not Work

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Conventional  wisdom says ‘it’ is all in your head, so just change your mindset and ‘it’ will all be alright. Whatever the ‘it’ is. But this may not make body pains, anxiety or emotions go away though certainly a positive mindset will feel good for a moment. Dialoging with your body however can reveal what is truly bothering you and give you a way to heal especially when talk therapies no longer work for you.


In spiritual circles it is said that thoughts are the most superficial layer of your being. I mean, have you ever seen a thought? Thoughts come and go even if some of them are repetitive. Once you exam the truth of silent negative thoughts, you can begin to unwind aka heal them.

Repetitive thoughts are anchored in your body. And here is the kicker: those thoughts may not even be your own  thoughts.

You can fact check your negative thoughts and ask where they are anchored in your body. And begin to unwind them with the support of a therapist.

Your emotions come next in importance. Again you can ask if the feelings you are feeling are they 100% true and are these ‘your’ feelings or did you inherit them from a relative or event in your early life.

Body Solutions

The body expresses what you may not want to know. The opportunity is to speak with your body to find a solution.

Body Being & Heart Therapies can give you a safe place to unfold whatever thoughts and feelings are holding you back and heal your body. And yes, Body Being & Heart sessions also rebalance your physical body hands-0n and energetically.

When Talk Therapy Does Not Work

Talk therapy can give you strategies. It can let you blow off emotional steam. The question is: is that enough? Are you needing something more profound? You may want a permanent solution? Discover a pathway to your own Self, a pathway to wholeness.

Your Body

Issues are usually  mix of  several components. Sometimes it is purely physical, like your vagus nerve is out of balance and you are experiencing heart palpitations and anxiety. Rebalancing the vagus nerve hands-on or energetically will eliminate what appears to be an emotional or even heart condition. The functioning of your vagus nerve may indeed reflect emotional issues…It is, bottom line, stuck in your body.

Body Being & Heart offer solutions On-Line and In-Person. Pandemic protocols are in place. The air is even purified before you arrive.

Time to spread your wings and dive deep into into your own Self. Let your body speak. You will have the ability to heal, to have and enjoy your life. Don’t forget happiness is your true nature!

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