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My Newest Addiction

Sharing is Loving

Addictions, when they have good outcomes without negative side affects, are called Good Habits! I, like perhaps you, have had some behavior patterns which have not been for my highest and best.

I left home at 17 and started drinking coffee till I discovered it depressed me rather than enlivened me if I drank it too much. I also started smoking cigarettes especially when I pulled all-nighters for exams. I reduced, reduced, reduced but just one puff would get me high. Now gone for so many years….

Love, Sex & Rock n’ Roll

Some called me a flower child of the sixties. I never called myself this. To me, I was an aspiring contemporary dancer and choreographer. Yes, there were my explorations in my twenties into drugs, Love and rock n’ roll.

I never could afford drugs as a starving artist. But someone always had some and shared. I gave up psychedelics after a journey or two because I could see it was giving me wrinkles. Ah, vanity, it does have some good uses.

I also gave up diet pills because I could see they made me prone to injury. Now, of course, I have given up diets and just try to eat healthy. You may wonder, of course, what that means these days…are you a vegan or on an all meat diet?

Yes, my twenties were extraordinary while they lasted. I was a supernumerary as it is said in the theater world. I was not a main player…but I did meet stars and main players in that day and age. It was a wheel of fortune of ups and downs.


I guess LOVE was my longest lasting obsession until I realized the love I was seeking was already inside me.

Do you relate to any of this…? What were your twenties like?

And Now…

I am now in my older years and committed to the the highest and best in myself…settled into being my best self…do I always make it…no there are occasional flubs…or are they? The wisdom of life is to allow is acceptance of your wholeness, the up and down so you become anchored in your center.

My Newest Addiction

Just for fun I would like to tell you about my newest addition and it only has one downside. If I stay up too late watching this Netflix series called ‘Resurrection of Erturgul’, I sleep in the next day. And no, you will not find it. Essentially it was taken off the air sometime last month. Somehow I managed to continue episode to episode.

It is a Turkish production with very bad English subtitles. I like it because it like the cowboy and Indian stories where the Indians are the good guys. Here, it is a series based on the history of Turkish Muslims and the crusaders etc. are the bad guys.

I realized as I watched how the Muslim religion is based on the Bible as well as the tenets of Mohammed and how they have the same values we in the West have. I also see how their struggle to exist could lead to the problems seen in the radical Muslim fringe today. The West is hardly innocent of mayhem and murder, so let’ s not go down that rabbit hole.

What I Love…

What I love about the series is the thread of spirituality which runs through story. I am not going to India this year where I like to spend time in and around the ashram of Romana Maharshi in South India, listening to Spiritual Masters from all over the world in the tradition of non-duality. Since this series has five seasons, it may well keep me company through the time I might have spent in India.

Speaking of India

I do have one cute India thing to share. It came to light last week. On my last trip I helped on a video being made in the upscale hotel we were in before leaving. The video went viral in India. And there I am for 30 seconds…if you listen and I believe there are English sub-titles, you might spot me. I had short hair at the time. You see anything can happen in India.

I will attempt to organize a trip to India for 2023 0r 2024. Even if you are only dreaming about it you can always download my India Retreat Itinerary.  Diwali, the celebration of Light is happening right now in India.

Good Habits

Let all your addictions good or bad bring you to your highest and best outcomes. There is always a silver lining to your darkest hour. May they be few. And remember even good habits need to be refreshed now and again.

Sending Light & Wisdom,


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