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Gratefulness is the foundation of abundance because when you are grateful, the universe gives you more to be grateful for…did you know that? Life is always an exploration, so just try it out in your own life. You may experience more joy and heartfulness as you allow yourself to feel grateful for what is in your life. The ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ brings you positive feelings. These feelings attract more of the same!


So many people, not you of course, focus on what they do not have. This does not bring positive feelings but an achy feeling of lack.  So just like positive heartful feelings bring more abundance, a sense of lack brings more lack. Start where you are. Allow yourself to be grateful for whatever is or at least be accepting of your situation.


Remember accepting a situation is not about lying down and playing dead. It is experiencing things, people, relationships and situations as they are. You will then be in a position to remedy/change what is possible to change and accept with compassion what you cannot.


What I really wanted to speak to today is my gratefulness for all the people who have showed up in my life. Yes, I like you, appreciate the ones who have loved me, nurtured and mentored me. It is even fun to enjoy the ones who praise you…but be careful there. It can be a bit of a trap.


I appreciate the people who have been difficult in my life as well. Somehow there is a learning or insight into our own self. This can be a learning about how you need to respect yourself or the other. It may be a need to set boundaries or let them go. This may also simply be the recognition that the person is projecting their issues on you. It may not be about you at all.

Meaningful Dialogue

I have found in my life my best friends and colleagues were people with whom I could actively dialogue. They were the ones where there might be conflict from time to time but this was also a process of deepening our acceptance, respect and love for each other.

More Gratefulness

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for my friends and loved ones who have passed away…not that I want any more of them to die. We are fast approaching Halloween where today people dress up in scary or sexy costumes and kids in costumes of who they want to become someday. It is followed in the Catholic traditions by ‘All Saints Day’ on November 1, and ‘All Souls Day’ on November 2.  And then there is the ‘Day of the Dead’ mostly celebrated in Mexico on November 1-2. Many traditions worldwide honor their ancestors in many different ways and days.

I have been lucky. I did not lose anyone important to me early on but as I continue on my life’s journey my older friends are leaving. Have those relationships always been easy? No, not in my life but they have been very meaningful. I trust it is the same for you.

All Souls Day…

So this ‘All Souls Day’ and ‘Dia de los Muertos’ I would like to honor my friend and old professor, Malcolm McCormick. He had been a dancer who even danced with my mother on a production, later he became a costume designer and a professor at U.C.L.A. Dance Dept. He made costumes for me when I choreographed and danced in my twenties.

Malcom and WillobieI look around my apartment and see so many gifts Malcolm gave me over the years. Recently my indoor cat Fuji went missing for a week and came back in great disrepair. She found a box of books covered by an antique Thai sarong Malcolm had given me and rested her head on an old copy of ‘Be Here Now’. I feel his caring presence was part of her healing process. Malcolm, bless his heart, left me a small inheritance and fabulous memories of great discussions and beauty. Thank You Malcolm!

Your issues, stress and even your abundance are reflected through your body. Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body and Spirit has sessions to rebalance you through dialogue, vibrational frequencies and hands-on bodywork. You can always reach me  On-Line Sessions or even In-Person 

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Sending Light, Kyra

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