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Do You Have The Touch?

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Your hands are not only useful, they are potentially incredibly sensitive. Do You have the touch? What can you feel with your hands? Did you know you can sense a shift in warmth of .o3 degrees?

Oh yes, I do love a man with ‘man hands’ who can in a moment open the tight jar or close the stuck drawer. Strength is not my forte, sensitivity is and some people say I have magic fingers.

So Important

Touch is so important literally for healthy development in children and so nurturing for you as an adult. Touch is a keystone to your humanness. What is in a touch? In part it has to do with your intention and presence. Are you lovingly touching your baby or child…or your husband or lover….so many things factor into a touch.

Healing Touch

A therapeutic or healing touch is not so much about love but compassion and presence. It is supportive of your healing process. This type of touch is non judgmental, it is without expectations from you, the client. Of course, a session is intended to be helpful and alleviate discomfort.

What I Feel…

What do I feel under my hands? I experience the persons body and I tune in through my hands to physical, subtle physical and energetic systems; listening with my hands to the responses of the person with whom I am working.

I check the craniosacral rhythm reflected throughout the body. This rhythm reflects the overall health of the person and is known as both primary respiration and the wisdom of the body.

My hands can sense the energy of the chakras so I quickly check the chakras off the body as they reflect physical and emotional imbalances. I then use Vibrational Acupuncture, no needles, to rebalance organs or simply rebalance the small chakra’s of the body called nadii.

Structural imbalances lead to micro-movement adjustment and unwinding the tissue. Depending on the severity of the problem I can tune in deeper and deeper into the structures such as the brain and spinal cord or the very DNA and cellular makeup.

Yes, there is a lifetime of study and research reflected in my touch. And this tuning in with my hands is a kind of seeing with or through my hands. It is a process which is not limited to the person/client being present physically…it can be done from a distance.

Body Being & Heart

Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body and Spirit Sessions are available in person and also on-line. Pandemic protocols are in place. Third party insurance receipts are available.

If you want to develop your sensitivity and skills in the healing arts for yourself and others start with a Reiki course or contact me directly.

The intent of Body Being & Heart is to embody your spirit to become your best and healthiest self!

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