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Unwinding Your Mind

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Wild Crazy Mind filled with wisdom, hope and despair…what to do? Most people think of the mind as separate from the body. WRONG! Haven’t you noticed your head is attached to your body…and your brain is housed in your head. Just stating the obvious here. If you want to heal your mind start with your brain.

CranioSacral Therapy

Unwinding your mind with CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a wonderful way to relax your brain and slow down your thoughts. I use CST and advanced brain techniques to rebalance and enhance function. The Body Being & Heart approach specializes in reducing trauma to the brain and restores perception without drugs.

Did you know that repeated concussions stack. So if you have had more than one concussion and are not so happy being on a computer all day long…and you need to be on the computer, time to try CranioSacral Therapy. Of course, CST is helpful for all types of brain and mind issues, even for those of you who just want to expand your consciousness.


Unwinding means allowing what needs to happen in your body and brain. It allows you to move in the best way possible. Just applying  CranioSacral Therapy to your skull allows your bones have more space and underlying tissues of your brain to have better circulation. Best of all it is gentle and relaxing. CranioSacral Therapy works on the parasympathetic nervous system of rest and digest so if you need to de-Stress, it is perfect for you.

The picture below is from a dance I created called ‘Windings.’ It was in fact an unwinding of the spine and ascension to the highest! Kyra-Zen

Wisdom Wise

CranioSacral Therapy is also known as the wisdom of the body.  And yes, I work on all of you not just your head when you have a session.

Here’s both a spiritual truth and joke for those of you into expanded wisdom. It has been said if you are in a room full of people and count heads, you will always come up one short. The head you missed is your own. Because no-one is there. Or put another way this is the potential…to be with no-thing, which is eternal and everywhere. Just be in the oneness.

Too esoteric? Everyone, for the most part, is trying to be someone. Those on the spiritual path are aiming toward  being in this oneness aka no-one.


It is funny, we only seem to feel our body or mind when it is not working the way we think it should or alternatively when we have pleasure and extreme well-being. Body Being & Heart integrates light touch therapies to restore balance in your very being as well as your body. You can come in person or have Zoom consult On-Line. Pandemic protocols are in place. Third party insurance receipts are available.

Pleasure, try chocolate. It stimulates your serotonin, that feel good hormone…but not too much please!


Have you ever seen a thought? I know you hear things in your head.  And whose voice is it, your mother’s, your father’s, your critic or is it your wisdom voice?

Psychologists and many spiritual traditions like to say mind is everything. My perspective is biology plus experience and intention proceed thought. Mind is a secondary matrix which tries to take over. In current Western culture it does dominate. How’s that working for you?

Remember heal the brain to quiet the mind because a relaxed mind is a happy mind! Check out this Body Being & Heart Video  and what can happen for You!


If you would like to find even more peace, I have a low cost offer which includes a consultation with me On-Line with energy balancing and delightful yours forever Crystal Meditations.

The Peaceful You


Sending Love & Light, Kyra

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