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Hello out there! Are you a brainiac? Would you like to maintain your smarts? Stick with me and I will tell you how.

I don’t know about you but I have the occasional no-mind moment. Others call it a ‘senior moment.’ You can see why I prefer my definition, especially since spirituality is my cup of tea and sometimes coffee.

What to Do

Getting down to brass tacks, although, the brain itself is like holding, with both hands please, mustard. You need to keep your neurons clean especially as you age. That is where CranioSacral Therapy and the Brain Therapies I do in Body Being & Heart sessions can help you maintain your smarts.

I have been taught to improve balance and movement in the bones of the skull to facilitate greater flow of the craniosacral fluid which nourishes the brain. Not only that but I tune into the different layers of the brain to support you and your brainiac endeavors!

Blood Brain Barrier

According to Google 20% of your blood goes to the brain. However, that blood needs to be filtered so no toxins or even red blood cells get into your precious brain. The craniosacral fluid is a clear fluid. It carries nutrients and the clear light of your consciousness.

Aging Brain

If you are getting older having a preventative care CranioSacral Therapy Session can be super helpful. But CranioSacral Therapy is not just good for the brain, the craniosacral rhythm (CSR) is reflected through the entire body. When there are restrictions noted in the body, releasing them by increasing the dynamic CSR is paramount for a return to wellness.

The Craniosacral Rhythm is known as the wisdom of the body. When it is in balance you are in balance with yourself and also the universe. Neat

Of course, to expand brain function I am told you should learn a new language. I am signing up for free French lessons in the near future. And do learn to do the New York Times Crossword puzzle. Use it or lose it.


My specialty is concussions. One concussion and you recover in two weeks with rest. Two concussions or three or four and you are in for the long haul. This is where I can help you and coach you to recover…Your co-operation is required. Concussions stack.

Sports, accident prone, car crashes and slips on the ice make you concussion vulnerable. It is a bruise on the brain. Your glia cells can clear and clean it up with help. But don’t stop living…just be careful out there.

Anything Else?

Be a Brainiac! And take care of your neck and spinal cord…live a dementia free life! There is always lots which can go wrong but so much is going right. Let’s be grateful and keep your stress down. Yes, stress stacks too. And when you stress you contract the vital functions of your body. Coughing will put pressure on your brain.

Check out Wise Women Stress Mastery videos, and come to a Body Being & Heart Retreat to unfold your consciousness. Your awakening is just a session away! 

Stay well and Be Happy!

Kyra, your Magical Healer

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