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Wonderful World

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It is a wonderful world when you feel good. You have had a few wins, however small, like making the bus just on time or all the lights turning green if you are in a car. Or perhaps several people buy you lunch etc. throughout the day and it not even your birthday. A sense of being seen and appreciated adds to your health and well-being and also makes it all worthwhile.

It is a wonderful world when you are not stressed. Wonderful to rest into beingness and let go of busyness. Truely grand when you are totally present in the here and now.

It is a wonderful world where you can choose what to do with your time. Well, maybe not all the time but do keep in mind there are plenty of ways to reduce your stress, increase your wisdom and enjoy the moment.

Body Being & Heart has retreats including Country Retreats to the Eastern Townships of Quebec. This year the retreat features Yoga as well as Somatic Alchemy to transform your life.

There’s even a travel retreat to India where I will even channel the amazing Alice Wonderbar. And if you are a therapist and want to increase your distant healing skills email me and I will direct you to Dr. Ken Koles Frequencies and Vibrations On-line course. Or if you are just starting out take my Reiki Courses to get started. I disappeared a tumor on-line with distant healing last month. Pretty miraculous, eh?

Wonderful World!

You can make it a wonderful world if you take care of yourself. Ready? Maybe? If you and your body are ready miraculous things can happen! Just show up.

Stop Resisting

Stop resisting change. And do you notice you even resist happiness? Do what you need to do for your own well-being even if your inner couch potato says no way! Yes, resistance is part of your inner drama. Just for once let the good guys win! And do not forget to smile.

Your smile makes it a wonderful world when you smile from the heart!

Sending Light & Love,

Kyra, Your Magical Healer


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