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Painful, debilitating, unending headaches, do you have them? Mostly they are stress headaches but there are over a hundred different types. Unending stress kills eventually and in the meantime often creates headaches. Here are a few tips to eliminate the cause, pain, and duration of headache…I speak from experience and from working with hundreds of clients throughout the years.


Women experience three times as many headaches as men. The why answer is simple, hormones. Women often suffer from headaches around their period. Usually, these are short-lived and due to hormone rebalancing. A heating pad or hot water bottle on the abdomen is useful.

Women going through perimenopause can experience extended headaches and brain fog due to hormone imbalances. Best to discover what hormones are unbalanced. Progesterone creams can be highly helpful. Check for them at your health food store.


What about migraine?  Classic ones with flashing light and halos well they are inflamed nerve endings in the brain. Let me start with my personal experience. My birth trauma was having my mother’s legs tied together while the nuns with the flying hats waited for the doctor to arrive. Me, I wanted to be born.

Birth is the first trauma in life. If you are reading this you are alive. This is the good news.

Traumatic births can be related to ensuing headaches. This includes forceps babies. It is highly recommended that all babies receive a CranioSacral Therapy session after birth. This very gentle light touch session checks the cranial rhythm and facia/meninges balance. These sessions for infants can also reshape the skull without artificial devices.

College Days

There was one payoff from my experience with headaches. In speech class in college, I froze like a deer in headlights and could not say a word. However, I had headaches and at the time I was given medication that included amphetamine. The speed made me very talkative. The professor, at the end of the course, said I was the most improved.

Years later, I would practice giving meditations and short speeches at the Spiritual Science Center in Montreal. Little did anyone know my secret goal of overcoming my fear of public speaking.


I traded in my amphetamine headache pills for Darvon pain killers. The result was my headaches got longer and longer. Once one headache went on for 9 days.

Luckily my second husband was into natural health. And told me I had to detox, read let go of  the pain pills. These had masked to a limited extent but had not cured the problem. The pain pills definitely extended my headaches. It was a great learning/discovery and about that time I began having CranioSacral Therapy. And later I became a certified CranioSacral Therapist with the Upledger Institute.

Personal Recipe

I also discovered if I lay in bed in a darkened room and held my head in a certain way I could eliminate the pain. Nausea I experienced was eliminated by a natural supplement Silicea. I used that pink stuff, Pepto Bismol as a teenager but realized it made me even more nauseous.

Oh yes, I found a heating pad or hot water bottle over my liver very helpful. The liver detoxes all those hormones.

If ever I get a headache these days I wait it out and as it subsides I take two 81 mg low dose aspirin. I don’t know if this will work for you.

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy and the various advanced brain approaches I have studied over the years can eliminate and/or help you manage the cause of  headaches. At the very least you will feel relaxed and your stress will be minimized. Vibrational Acupuncture can assist you in balancing hormones.

A Warning

There are over a hundred different types of headaches. I even gave a cranio session to a man who had a problem with his carotid artery. After the session, he had a headache. He was upset with me but later apologized because his doctor said that this headache response was part of the healing process.

Nonetheless, if you have daily headaches after eating and they are not caused by food sensitivity/intolerances or alcohol abuse you need to see your doctor immediately. You may have a life-threatening disorder…if not come have a CranioSacral Rebalancing …just saying!

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