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Time and Space

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Your concept of time and space has probably changed. The world has gotten smaller. The 6 pm news will tell all about things half way around the world and sometimes you wish it didn’t.

If you are like me, computers were not in common use when you were growing up. Even telephoning long distance was a rarity. I remember being scolded by my mother for a long distance call to a boyfriend in New York City while I living at her place in California. I think the bill was $60 US in the late sixties. At least long distance telephoning is cheaper these days.

Science Says…

Science tells us that the amount of solid matter in your body can fit inside the size of a sugar cube.  You may realize you as you take in this fact, you are living in a very fluid world and most of it is empty space.

Communication in our everyday conventional world has shifted. The same is true in the healing world. I personally rely on my distant healer colleague and vice versa when my body sends me a curve ball. It takes the shock out of whatever is happening and depending on the circumstances can even eliminate the issue. Stagnant chi aka energy is the first sign of dis-ease. So energetically moving energy can improve your physical health and prevent dis-ease.

Enlightened Healers

So I pleased to announce the Enlightened Healers course which is all about distant healing, connecting to Spirit and your essential Self. My suggestion is have a distant healing session to check out what can happen. Essentially the Enlightened Healers course will teach you the basic to heal yourself and treat others with remote healing.

Time and space are changing all around us. In actuality this type of  healing has existed down through the ages. But now we can incorporate it with new technologies. Come Zoom with Me!

Sending Light, Kyra

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