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Past and Future Lives

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Here’s a taste from my manual on Past and Future Lives…The soul’s evolution is its journey through past and future lives. The intent of exploring these lives with the Body Being & Heart approach is to assist you to become conscious of unseen motivations or influences in your life. The potential is to release blockages from the past that stop you from reaching your full potential in terms of relationship, career, health, and spiritual development.

Past-Life Focus

The Body Being & Heart focus on past-lives is on those lives contributing to your current life issues negatively as well as positively.  Retrieving memories through visualization as well as dance, meditation, drawing and storytelling, are used to experience past-lives.

There are usually two past-lives that are currently having a major impact on one’s life at any one time. There, of course, can be more than two.

If a past-life is negatively impacting you, the experience can feel a little like ‘why is this happening to me?’

Knowing about the influence can lessen the impact, allowing you to understand and release the negative patterns at an unconscious level by alleviating the conscious frustration. Knowing can allow you to let go of your present attachment to the ‘story’ or the ‘how’ you think about the content of your life.

Everyone experience challenges. If you contract with challenge you lose. The opportunity inherent in difficult situations is to find the silver lining.  Like the old adage ‘If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ The opportunity is to stay open.

Unfortunately, many people have the tendency to dig themselves deeper into their ‘Karma’. Karma equals consequences.  It is a little like staying on the computer when you are tired. The computer doesn’t seem to be working right. If you stop energizing, continuing the situation, you win. If you do not, you are bound for frustration and more of the same.

The Process

The Past-Life Regression process can be very powerful. If you are in the Past & Future Life course, know that we approach the process gently.

Those of you just reading this out of curiosity/interest may simply want to have a Past-Life Reading which can tell you about the influences of the past without going further into re-experiencing these past events. It can be helpful and insightful. And also, just hearing about your past-life can trigger the remembering process.

Whatever your level of emotional comfort, know that you will not experience more than you can integrate. It is beneficial and often quite interesting to know something about the past-lives impacting your relationships and current life.


Not long ago, a friend I had not seen in many years shared about the first time she had a session with me. She described a past-life in which her heart was cut from her. And she was burnt at the stake as a witch. Her reminisce brought shivers. I could tell it was the same for her, even after all these years. My friend and colleague became an extraordinary marriage counselor and spiritual traveler in her own right as the years unfolded.

She also became part of a prominent therapeutic center in Toronto. Being part of a therapeutic community was a way to protect herself from the potential ‘witch’ burning that happens even in our twentieth first century world. Women and their intuitions are still frowned upon or marginalized though this can happen to men too.

Hearing, just hearing about your incarnations can support and assist you in taking appropriate steps in your current life journey…as it did my friend.


The experience of past and future lives leads to an acceptance of yourself and your situation. This in turn allows you to open to your next level of unfoldment. Exploring past and future lives clarifies and assists you in creating in your life a reality closer to your heart’s desires.

If you would like to have a Past-Life Session or Reading On-Line or in-person Click Here. Or if  you would like to join the May 28-29, 2022 email Ky**@bo************.com or call 514 271-5941 for details.

Sending Light, Kyra

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