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Immune Boost

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Do you want or need an immune boost? How to do this? You may have already realized your well-being is key to a happy life. And guess what your happiness will boost your immune system. So let’s start by finding your happiness.

No doubt you have had an experience of happiness so you know what it feels like. Is this true? Now what allows you to feel it. Is it Love, Life and Laughter or perhaps it Health, Wealth and one of my favorites Travel. These items tend to be external.


Happiness is actually your true nature. It is an inside job. By this I mean happiness is always there in you.  So how are you avoiding it. What feelings are taking you away from your innate nature? I love my work Body Being & Heart, Transformational Arts because I not only alleviate physical, emotional and perceptual or what you might call mental issues but I also get to speak about spirit. Happiness is one of the qualities of the divine.

My question is…are you living your life in harmony with your spirit?


You are designed to maintain balance and harmony. Understand your body is built to maintain homeostasis. Your emotions feel best when you feel good. And experiencing spirit is delicious.

Immune Boost

Boost your immune system by having a balance between your physical well-being, your emotions, your thoughts and very important your relationship with your spirit. I am not speaking about religion.

But what does this mean? In terms of physical well-being you need health. Your organs need to be functioning. Your organs includes your brain…and I have CranioSacral Therapy for you. If you need detox, your liver needs attention….my acupuncture without needles is for you. Although these days I use virtual/imagined needles of gold, jade and platinum.

Your body records your life experiences and I help you dialogue with your body to release stuck emotions, such as panic attacks, sexual identity and emotions stuck in chronic pain.

Coming into harmony aka happiness with yourself will boost your immune system! Join me to bring greater harmony and balance. Transform your stress to De-stress. This is the alchemy of healing. Change your imbalance to being up on your toes. And let the dancer in you become the dance!

Or stay just as you are…forever and ever…till the end of days. Your choice!

You can even become an Enlightened Healer…first course is going at a big discount!

Most of my clients are women between the ages of  30-55. They come for sessions to re-balance/heal physically, emotionally and to discover new skills. They want to find a meaningful way to share their intuitive selves and align themselves to spirit and their life purpose.

Of course, it is not just women but men as well who want to improve skills and come closer to their truest selves…are you one of these people? Body Being & Heart is or can be On-line or in person.

Sending Light & Love, Kyra

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