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They are ALL Dead

Sharing is Loving

Did you have ‘interesting’ times when you were in your early twenties? Me too! And I had a wonderful time sharing, the other day ,with a young guitarist how I met Jimmy Hendricks at Max’s Kansas City in NYC, a local hotspot for celebs; bumped into Janis Joplin and snorted coke with the Beach Boys etc. Most of these people are dead. I am not.

It all seemed so ordinary back then. And maybe your perspectives have changed as have mine.

Among other things I discovered early on taking pychedelics gave me wrinkles. I am my mother’s daughter and vain. Consequently, I look 20-30 years younger than my biological age. And so can you…definitely a subject for another blog.

My Truest Calling

During my younger years I discovered my truest calling as a concert artist and choreographer. But just as I was getting good reviews in the New York Times I got ill. The doctors forgot to tell me it was incurable so I got well and became a therapist. My next true calling.

Next Truest Calling

I studied somatic education with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Although I have to say the renowned neurophysiologist Valerie Hunt was my most inspiring anatomy teacher at U.C. L.A. which I attended on a Rockefeller Foundation grant. Of course this was the late 60’s and I brought back from California to the East coast crunchy granola and tisanes aka herb teas. Yes, they were unknown/not popular at that time in the East.

By the way Valerie Hunt, my anatomy teacher was a pioneering scientist who was the first to measure the human bio-energy field in a laboratory. No wonder I am so interested in energy!

More recently, although still long ago, I trained in CranioSacral Therapy and brain work and what I now call Vibrational Acupuncture. And all this time discovering energy and travelling the world on my spiritual journey.

In Chinese medicine they say stagnant Chi aka energy is the source of all illness. So if you feel stuck come for a session in person or on-line. My distant healing professor says I am “Amazing and Wonderful.” And so will you! And yes…I give distant sessions to him from time to time.

Or you might want to train with me. I always think everyone should at least know Reiki. And I am gathering participants for my Enlightened Healers Program. There is also an in-person training in Montreal which certifies you to write third party insurance receipts.

Perhaps My Next Calling!

The good New news is I have written a romantic, spiritual fantasy ‘Adventures of Alice Wonderbar.’ You can download the Prologue for free right here. If it is anything like my life you will find it funtastic! It is filled with healing information…need I say. This maybe my next truest calling!


Who Am I is a central spiritual question. As you unwind the layers of  yourself, who you think you are, you too will find your truest calling, the one which expresses your essence of where you are Now in this moment. And if you are reading this…you are alive and connected to infinite possibilities and potentials to awaken your truest calling!

Sending Light, Kyra

Your Magical Healer

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