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Freedom is the right to choose. It seems in this very moment freedoms are being taken away in the world, especially for women. I find it almost hilarious that I who was escorted off an army base in the U.S. by gun point during the Vietnam war should find myself  thinking of voting conservative in the next Canadian election. How did this happen? What a mess the world has become. It happens that the Conservative/Tories in Canada seem to be upholding the individuals right to choose…maybe.

Choose What is Good for You

Freedom is the right to choose. My field 0f work is natural healing and therapies. Drug free, minimal side effects…definitely not dangerous. Used by themselves or in connection with conventional medicine the Body Being & Heart approach works wonders. It is your right to choose what you want to do with your body…why not choose the least invasive and sublimely relaxing modalities. Just saying…

So whether you need physical or emotional healing Body Being & Heart is a body centered therapy which can bring you to your wellness and happiness. Body Being & Heart is a body centered pathway to freedom!

Spiritual Freedom

Freedom spiritually is enlightenment. It is what I like to call awareness of awareness, invisible and always with you no matter what situation you find yourself.  You are always free…at this level. Luckily.

I used to sit at the feet of a spiritual master who only spoke about politics. My interest, at the time, was meditation and finding enlightenment. I get what he was attempting to convey these days. I know I am not a politician. What I do have is a gift for healing. And  I trust, a gift to hold the light in some small way. I am sure you have this gift too.

These are dangerous times. You can make it less dangerous and uncertain for your own self by choosing to be compassionate to yourself and others.

And for your summer entertainment do read my newly published novel ‘Adventures of Alice Wonderbar.’ It is all about saving the world, romance…of course, spirituality and healing. I trust it will inspire you to be compassionate. And look more deeply in your own self for truth.

Sending Light & Love,


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