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Little Things

Sharing is Loving

It is often the little things which touch me. How about you? To be human is to feel and so often in today’s world life can seem impersonal and disempowering. So when people I don’t know go out of their way to help or serve me with grace and skill I am truly grateful.

Out and About

I was out and about on this very rainy chilly day to find a shoe store but I got lost. The doorman at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel was helpful and so were the women at two information desks. Yes, I suppose it is their job but it is how they do their job with presence and grace that’s counts.

I did find the shoe store and the man who helped me was both knowledgeable and understanding. And glory be, he did not sell me shoes which did not fit. Yes, it is harder and harder to find comfortable shoes for my feet. How about You?

Look No Further

If you are looking to be touched gently look no further. Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body and Spirit offers personalized sessions, retreats and courses. You can count on caring, non-judgmental support  for your well-being.

You can dialogue with your body to release stuck repetitive emotional patterns; rebalance your meridians, chakras and physical structure. Mental and emotional issues are reduced by gentle touch therapies like CranioSacral Therapy and Reiki. Body Being & Heart is a body centered approach to wellness. Give your body a chance to heal.

I am a healer….but only you can heal. Are you ready?

What Happens?

In a personalized session in-person or On-line, you get to express and share your issues. You get to lie down (in-person) on my exceedingly comfortable massage table with all your clothes on. So please wear comfortable clothing. You may see colors as I work on you using light and gentle touch therapies. Emotions may surface. You may also feel sensations in your body as your very tissue rebalances itself.

Some people are not familiar with or sensitive to gentle touch therapies but even if you do not experience much as you rest on my massage table when you stand up, you will feel relaxed and wonderful.

Yes, it is true sometimes your symptoms may intensify. But this is short lived. What may come up can be a little healing crisis or it may be what needs to be felt. If you have been suppressing your fatigue or your feelings, what is there may show up.

Did I Mention

Did I mention the waitress who was kind and informative. She hurried to wait on me while having customers who needed her. I shoed her off so she could take care of them. As I left, I was touched by her genuine wish for me to have a good day. I had a very spicy hot seafood ‘Yumy Tummy’ soup, perfect for a rainy day. Luckily the waitress had warned me…how spicy it was!

If you want to know more about courses email Ky**@bo************.com  To know more about Body Being & Heart Therapies just Click Here.

Sending Light & Love, Kyra

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