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Don’t Do This

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How To…

 I haven’t ever told anyone how to get sick or old.  If you know how to do this you can also avoid some of the consequences. So I am going to list some of it below.

How to Get Sick and Old

  1. Take everything personally….This really is about giving away your power when most people are acting out their issues and concerned only with themselves and getting what they want….please do not take everything personally
  2. Insist on making yourself a better person… You are already perfect. Discover instead better ways to express yourself or unfold new skills. Constant striving is not good for your soul.
  3. Overvalue or  undervalue yourself…. You are neither superior or inferior to anyone else. 
  4. Overvalue or undervalue others…. Don’t give your power or your humanity away.
  5. Listen to people who tell you are old….Be true to your inner feeling and also be compassionate to your physical conditions if need be.
  6. Always go for the most invasive and inappropriate way to solve a problem….always find the most gentle and effective way to ease physical, emotional, mental  and even financial issues.
  7. Never be compassionate to yourself.
  8. Never love and appreciate yourself.
  9. Never eat your vegetables.
  10. Never allow yourself joy
  11. Never love.
  12. Never cry, scream or shout ever.
  13. Repress all your emotions.
  14. Never move.
  15. Just NEVER be happy.

Do these things and you will make yourself sick, old and miserable. If you are doing any of these things listed above know that you are doing it to yourself.  And even if you are a smart cookie, you may still do these things but you will do them with awareness. It is not easy to continue to do things which hurt you with awareness. And if it is easy to continue to hurt yourself, seek help instantly. Not God, Spirit or the Divine mother want you to do this.

If you must wear a rubber band on your wrist and every time you repeat a dysfunctional behavior, snap that rubber band. It will remind you to STOP.

What to Do

What you can do to allow yourself to be healthy and happy is use gentle touch and light energy to heal your Body Being & Heart. Discover basic healing skills for yourself. And remember to SMILE!

Sending Lots of  Happiness,

Your Magical Healer


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