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Brain Drain

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Have you considered nourishing your brain? No, 5 alcholic drinks and some chocolate bars will not do it. If your neck is tight, you are not getting the nutrients needed for  your brain to function at its best.  What will help your brain to function at its best? Releasing the tension between the top of your neck and your skull. In CranioSacral Therapy, it is called a cranial base release. This insures enough blood and and cranial fluid is coming and going to renew your brain and give you a clear mind.

Always remember a relaxed mind is a happy mind. One of the major features of CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is that it works with the parasympathetic nervous system of rest and digest. CST assists your brain to recover from injuries like concussion. It increases and balances the cranio rhythm not only in the brain but throughout the body and helps to restore whole body health. So whether you are experiencing memory loss, truama, headaches or anxiety and depression, CranioSacral Therapy can help you return to normal function. And guess what? It is gentle.

Brain Drain

Aside from facilitatating the movement of the bones of the skull, I  support the repair and cleanup function of  glia cells. I also rebalance specfic structures within the brain. So if you are feeling a Brain Drain and would like to have your brain and perception function better, you can book a session on-line or in-person. When you come for a treatment I will also teach you how to do a ‘CV 4’ which allows you to reset your brain function.

Peaceful You

You too can discover simple tools to help the mind in your brain relax and return to optimimum functioning. Begin with basic hands on skills like Reiki and learn to listen to your cranio rhythm as well.

You can also, if you like crystals experience take advantage of the Peaceful You, with crystal meditations and even a short introductory session with me.

Here’s a sample to blow your mind. Yes, healing, de-stressing can be more than just surgical, it can use all your human abilities like intuition and creativity, the fun stuff.

Sending Light and Love, Kyra


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