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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Sharing is Loving

Yes, if the skies are not blue where you are and I am speaking of  your internal state…you can always wish upon a star and have your dreams come true. Or you can take an itty bitty step on the path of well-being and take a walk on the wild side with me. Ha, Ha.

The wild side is a path you have never taken to move from anxiety and stress to down regulate your vagus nerve. It is an opportunity to discover how to move into a parasympathetic state of rest and digest. In other words RELAX.

Keep in mind, a relaxed mind is a happy mind. If you are more relaxed and happy, your dreams may come true. In fact, in these realxed states your creativity and intuition awaken to their max.  So manifesting becomes easier. Just saying.

Budhist Prayer

I would like to share a favorite ancient Budhist Meditation to help you on your way. Just repeat it until the words ‘may’ turn to ‘I am.’ And if that isn’t enough you know where to find me, somwhere over the rainbow on the internet or in Montreal. Sessions on-line and in-person.

May my heart be filled with loving kindeness

May I be well

May I be peaceful and at ease

May I be happy


I Hear…

What I hear the most these days is many men and women are fearful or the opposite, careless. Maybe there is a middle ground. Take care of your health and well-being, honor your choices but remember stagnant chi, energy is the source of all illness and stress is the biggest killer in the world because it leads to disease and sudden death. And who wants that…

A Walk on the Wild Side

You each have your own way to relax. Your mind has its own way to bug you. If everything is chill…good on you! Or end your inner conflicts. Discover peace for yourself and your world. Take a walk on the wild side and try something new.

Sessions On-line and In-Person. Wise Women Stress Mastery Videos on demand. The Peaceful You offer. Discover Reiki, natural healing, next course September 17-18. Join the Body Being & Heart Professional Program, check out these courses.

Or you might want to join in on Enlightened Healers, starting this Autumn!

Oh and if you just like to read there is always Adventures of Alice Wonderbar, romantic, spiritual fantasy.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Stay well, stay healthy and wise! And just for reading this a little gift for you the Five Steps to Enlightenment. I will see you somewhere over the rainbow where skies are blue or better yet here and now. If you would like daily reminders to evolve and relax go to my De-Stress and Enlighten Facebook group!

Kyra, your Magical Healer





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