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Physical Pain?

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Do you want to feel great?  Here are some easy solutions if you are experiencing aches and pains. Yes, it seems true as we get older your body’s imperfections show up as an ache or pain. How can you deal with this? Easy, whatever you decide, do it gently. Adjust your physical activities but stay active.

By body imperfections I mean your physical structure, your organ function. And unfortunately, always your mind set, which is a function of the brain a part of your body. It may be time to revise your ideas about life and your own self.

Adjust your body, adjust your mind and you are set to go. But how to do this, you may ask. If your physical body reacts with increased discomfort, it is time to find an easier way. And then build your body up to the level of activity which is right for you. Or shift your diet if necessary. And yes, there are physical/somatic activities you can do to support your organs liver, lungs, gut etc. Did you know just stretching your arms above your head a few times will help with lung function.

Jumping as High as a Grand Piano!

I have gone from jumping as high as a grand piano in my younger years to later after healing from, so-called by doctors… an incurable illness, to taking more basic dance classes and now into Chi Gong. Trained in somatics, the art of moving the body and the movement function of all body systems, I added in a variety of healing forms both subtle and energetic.

As well I rent a dance studio once a week to do whatever my body, being and heart want to do and I have regular body work sessions. What do you do?

The Emotional Mind

Have you noticed over time that not only do your physical activities need to shift but also your attitudes may have already shifted? Perhaps they need to shift some more. You can even recover your parts of yourself and raise your self-esteem. Or perhaps you are looking to unfold your sense of spirit? All this is possible with Body Being & Heart sessions and classes.

Yes, it can be as easy as changing your TV channel. Kyra, that’s me, teaches you how to shift gears and change your mental channel. Are you ready?

Just Stressed

Maybe it is just stress. And stress is stagnant Chi/energy. According to the Chinese Medicine stagnant Chi/energy is the source of all illness. So, if you are stuck in stress you might want to explore my signature program Wise Woman Stress Mastery or come for a session. I teach my clients how to take care of themselves, On-line and In-Person. Do both and I can guarantee you will succeed!

Fly High-Live Well

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. In ancient times it represented your psyche. To me it is the process we go through as we unfold our true self, your inner essence. Until the time comes when you become one with the awareness of awareness. There are no words here…just being.

Sending Light & Love, Kyra



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